How to add new file signatures on “Select File Type” screen?

When Remo Recover software doesn’t support the desired file type you are looking to recover, then the feature “Add File Type” option on ‘Select File Types’ screen comes handy.

Here you can add your new file type manually but it requires few important technical attributes like File signature in Hex, Offset value, File extension etc.  In case you need help with adding the new file type to the software contact our Technical Support team and they would help you to add new file type to Remo Recover Software.

Follow the steps below to add new file type in Remo Recover applications:

Click on “Add File Type” option in the software, which displays a dialogue box to enter few credentials about the new file type:

  • File Signature in Hex: Enter the hex Signature of the file
  • File Extension – Enter the file extension (e.g. txt)
  • Offset Value: Enter the Offset value of the file type
  • Category: Select the category to which this new file type be added (e.g. Documents) 
  • Maximum file size to recover in MB: Enter a maximum size of a file you are looking to recover and enter the Description of the file type.
  • Click OK
  • Now the new file type will be added under the selected category.

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