Opened Outlook on the new computer after migration and I get 0x8004010F error. How to fix?

In some very rare cases upon successful Migration of Outlook, Outlook on the new computer might have not registered the location to which the data files are saved. You may need to manually register the new location to which the data file is present and it should fix the issue.

 Follow the steps below to manually register the location in Outlook:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on “Mail
  • Further, click on "E-mail Accounts"
  • Now, under “E-mail” tab your email accounts will be listed. Select an email account, the storage location of the Outlook data file should be displayed at the bottom on the window. As the path is not registered, you might not be able to view it.
  • Click on “Change Folder” button on the lower left hand side and further, click on “New Outlook Data File
  • Rename the new PST file (example: Test) and click OK
  • Now, expand the newly created PST file (i.e., Test) and select the “Inbox” subfolder and click OK.
  • Again, from the “Email Accounts” window, click “Change Folder” option for the same email account,
  • Now, select the original PST file (the PST file which was set before creating Test PST file), expand it, select Inbox folder and click OK.
  • Close all the open windows and launch Outlook, now try to Send/Receive emails.

Here is a video tutorial for your reference: Learn How to Fix Error 0x8004010f in Outlook

If you are unable to follow the provided instructions, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team

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