My hard dive has severe bad sectors and how to recover the files?

Data Recovery from a drive with bad sectors is always a tough task as any software would have hard time reading the drive through the bad sectors. We suggest that you create a Disk Image of the hard drive using Remo Recover Windows software and then perform data recovery on the disk image file. Creating a disk image of the hard drive would always have a positive impact as it would allow you to have a copy of the data on the hard drive just in case the hard drive ceases to provide access.
Follow the below steps to create a Disk Image:

  • Open the Remo Recover Windows software
  • Click on “Recover Photos” or “Recover Partitions”
  • Select the drive which you are looking to take an image displayed under “Storage Devices”
  • Click on Tools menu and select "Save Image File"
  • Provide a location to save the Disk Image File and click on Save (you cannot save the image file to the same drive you taking an image).
Once you click on save, "Creating Disk Image" progress bar will be displayed. During this process software will be creating a disk image file on the destination location. It will be reading from the source drive and copying the information sector-by-sector on the disk image file. The Disk Image creation time completely depends upon the size of the drive selected, bad sectors (if any), corruptions on the drive (if any), computer’s performance, etc.

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