Do I need to optimize my computer manually or is there any option in the Software that I can use to schedule the software?

You could use the Auto Maintenance feature available in the software to schedule it and to optimize your computer timely.

Here are the steps to enable Auto Maintenance feature:

  • Launch the Remo Optimizer software and let it complete the scan
  • Click on "Settings" option available at the top right hand corner of the software
  • Further click on "Auto Maintenance" tab and "Enable" it
  • Once you enable Auto maintenance, software would provide you with three options i.e., "On Idle", "On Schedule" and "Specify what to clean"
  • Select "On Idle" option in order to optimize your computer whenever the computer is idle
  • Once you select On Idle option you can specify the number of days, so that whenever the computer is idle our Software would perform Auto Maintenance
  • Select "On Schedule" option to schedule the scan as per the day and time you wish to optimize your computer
  • Once you select the On Schedule option you would be able to specify the day and time to perform Auto Maintenance
  • Further our Software would ask you to specify what to clean during the Auto Maintenance
  • You can select the type of errors/issues to clean and click on "Apply".

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