What is the difference between Private Locker and File Locker in Remo MORE Mac?

File Locker and Private Locker utilities of Remo MORE Mac software would help you protect your files/folders from unauthorized access by encrypting the files/folders with a password you choose.

The definitions of File Locker and Private Locker are as follows:

File Locker: The software would lock the file/folder and would display it on the same location. Once you double click on the locked file, the software would prompt you to provide the password to unlock the file. The file would only be opened upon successful authentication. You even could launch the File Locker utility in Remo MORE software, view all you locked/unlocked files and perform the relevant operations.

Private Locker: This utility is similar to File Locker utility, the only difference is that the locked files/folders would be hidden from the current location. You need to launch the Private Locker utility in Remo MORE software and unlock your files/folders.

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