Why I am being displayed with "Controlled Access" message when I launch Remo MORE software?

Your device is in Lost Mode that is the reason the application displays "Controlled Access" message when you launch the software. Once you change it to "Safe Mode" you can view the device and use the application.

Please follow the below steps to change the device’s status to Safe Mode:

  • Browse to Remo MORE Cloud website
  • Sign in to your Cloud account
  • Click on "Dashboard" (three vertical dots) from top right corner of the page
  • Select "Security Pin" option
  • You will be displayed with a page containing your Profile Details
  • Kindly note down the Security Pin number
  • Further click on "Dashboard" and select "All Devices"
  • Your device will be displayed with Lost tag over it
  • Click on the device
  • In the next page your device's Current Status will be highlighted as "Lost"
  • Now click on the "Safe" option
  • You will be displayed with a "Please enter security pin to enable safe mode" message in the next screen
  • Enter the security pin here and click "Continue"
  • Now your device will be assigned to Safe Mode

From now you can launch Remo MORE application normally from your device and access your device through our Cloud website.

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