How can I enhance the performance of my battery?

Looking at the Android's friendly nature; we have designed very simple app with few clicks away to accomplish your necessary tasks. Follow the steps mentioned below to enhance the performance:

  • Launch Remo More App.
  • Tap on Manage.
  • Further, tap on Power Manager.
  • You will find the modes to choose as of how to use your battery based on your usage.
  • Power Saver - helps to preserve the battery.
  • Balanced Mode - helps to balance the power among the technical attributes.
  • High Performance - helps to increase the battery performance upon using all the features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Brightness etc. and these are held for consuming the battery of your Android device.
  • My Plan - helps you to create your own plan for enhancing the battery performance based on your Android device usage.

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