Can I lock chat apps and social networking apps on my group user’s device?

Yes, you could lock chat apps and social networking apps on your group user’s device using Remo MORE Cloud. Remo MORE Cloud is an exceptional tool that allows its admins to have complete control over the devices added to Could. Admin could lock and unlock chat apps and social networking apps installed on the device remotely an any point of time.

Follow the steps below to lock chat apps and social networking apps on the device:

  • Launch Remo MORE Software on your device
  • Login to your Cloud Account (You could also login to cloud from any device by browsing to
  • Click on "User Devices"
  • All user devices added to the Cloud Account would be displayed here
  • Click on the user's device you wish to lock application/s
  • Further, choose "Control"
  • You would now be displayed with three options, viz., Breaches Prevented, Apps and Websites
  • Click on "Apps"
  • A list of applications installed your device would be displayed
  • By default, the Status of all applications would be set "Open"
  • Locate the desired chat app or social networking app and set the status to "Lock"
  • Further, click on "Apply" and "Close".

Once you are done with the above steps, Cloud server would start communicating with Remo MORE Application on user's device and would lock the specified application/s. Kindly, allow 5 to 10 minutes for the initiated actions to be performed on user’s device.

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