How to remove a device from cloud which I no longer have?

If you are no longer using a device added to Cloud or if you wish to remove an added device, you would have to login to your Cloud Account, browse to the settings and remove the desired device.

Follow the steps below to remove a device from Cloud:

  • Launch Remo MORE Software on your device
  • Login to your Cloud Account
  • Click on Dash Board (three vertical dots)
  • Select "My Settings"
  • Cloud will show your Profile Details under "My Profile"
  • Choose "Devices" from the menu
  • Cloud will display three sections i.e., My Devices, User Devices and Orphan Devices
  • Now select the section under which you have added the device that you no longer use or that you wish to remove
  • Once you choose the section, Cloud will display all the devices added under that section
  • Now select the device and click on "Remove Device" (Trash icon)
  • Once you click on Remo Device the Cloud will prompt you with a warning message
  • Click "Yes" to remove/delete the device from Cloud.

In case you are facing difficulties in removing your device from Cloud, we would request you to contact our Support Team at

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