How to remove items using Start-Up Speed Enhancer on Remo MORE Software? What difference does it make while booting my computer?

Remo MORE Start-Up Speed Enhancer allows you to exclude specific startup items which are not required during system startup. It's simple to remove the startup items using Remo MORE Start-Up Speed Enhancer. You can even add a startup item if you would like to add. If you are not sure about removing a startup item you can even use the unique feature "Ask Web".

Follow the steps below to remove startup items:

  • Launch Remo MORE software.
  • Choose "Enhance".
  • Select "Start Up Speed Enhancer".
  • Click on "Start" button and unselect the programs you wish to remove from startup.
  • If you are not sure about removing a program, just click on the program name and click the option "Ask Web".
  • Now you could check the web about the program and its role during startup and you can decide whether to keep or remove from Startup.
  • Click "Close" when you are done.

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