What is the advantage of Remo MORE Power Manager over Windows Power Options?

Remo MORE Power Manager lets you to create your own power plan as per the network your computer regularly gets connected. If you have connected to a new network, the Power Manager detects it and pops up a message to confirm. If you wish to setup a power plan for the new network you can go ahead and create a Power Plan for the new network.

Steps to manage the power plans:

  • Launch the Remo MORE Software.
  • Click on "Manage".
  • Further, click on "Power Manager".
  • Choose "Manage Power Plan".
  • You can edit the existing power plans, create new power plan and delete if you wish to.
  • After the above mentioned steps, click on "Back".
  • Select "Schedule Power Plan" and follow the on-screen instruction to disable power plans, enable power plans, add new power plan etc.
  • Apply settings and you are done.

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