I connect to different Networks during the day; will I have to enhance the Internet Speed every time I connect to a different Network?

Internet speed varies between each service provider. You can to optimize your connection when you find your internet speed is slow or sluggish. Whenever you find your internet connection is slow, you could optimize it using Remo MORE Internet Speed Enhancer.

The process of enhancing the internet speed could also be automated i.e. you need to schedule it once and the software would perform it accordingly and helps you obtain maximum internet speed on your network. Also, you could automate Internet Speed Enhancer based on the network you connect.

Here are the steps to schedule Remo MORE Internet Speed Enhancer according to network:

  • Launch Remo Remo MORE Software.
  • Click Enhance.
  • Click Internet Speed Enhancer.
  • Click on "Settings".
  • Further, select "Add new" to add the network connection.
  • Then select "Based on Network" option and select a profile.

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