Is it safe to perform One-Click maintenance?

Yes! With the help of “One-Click Maintenance”, you can enhance your device performance easily. One click Maintenance is hassle free and fastest way to diagnose the issues on your devices.

“One Click Maintenance” will first scan your device and displays the issues found. Such as Junk Files or Trash Files, File extension errors, Shortcut errors, Registry errors, Internet and program issues, PC history, etc. Upon clicking on “Clean/Fix Issues” you can fix the issues to enhance your device performance in one go.

Based on user prefrences and the necessity to clean certain areas in a smart device, we have predefined a set of defaults locations to clean. This ensures the device to work flawlessly as it was new and it is 100% safe to delete those unwanted files and errors. However, we value user customization and their own prefrences on boosting their device performance. You know you device better and you are allowed to change the default settings.

Example: You may like to keep internet history, you could change the settings in One-Click Maintanance to skip cleaning internet history.

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Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure