Is One click Maintenance a time consuming process?

‘One-Click Maintenance' is a simple user friendly feature to take good care of your devices at ease. One-Click Maintenance has predefined default parameters to clean on your devices which enhance the device performance.

One-Click Maintenance is quick when you start using Remo MORE on regular basis, as the junk files and broken entries will be cleaned on regular basis. When One-Click Maintenance is used for the first time in a device, it may take some time than regular but not hours together. As the devices in which One-Click Maintenance is used for the first time would have a huge chunk of unwanted files to clean. One-Click Maintenance would scan your entire device to find the issues/problems, such as registry errors, file extension errors, internet issues, trash or junk files, etc. This process may take a couple of minutes for the first time and once the device is cleaned regularly using Remo MORE software the time scan and clean the device will be significantly reduced. Hence, One Click Maintenance is a hassle free solution to fix the device issues in one go in a couple of seconds.

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