What options are essential to use in Internet Speed Enhancer to increase my internet speed?

Basically, Internet Speed Enhancer can manage the internet settings based on the type of internet connections. The internet specified settings can be automatically/manually changed by Remo MORE on the network connection through which the PC is connected.

There are two options that you could use in Remo MORE Internet Speed Enhancer:

  • Optimize Speed
  • Advanced Settings (For Advanced Users only)

Optimize Speed: This feature in this tool enhances the speed automatically by a single click. There are basically four connections in which the user can select the one through which he is connected. These four options are as follows:

  • Modem Connection
  • DSL, Wi-Fi, Cable or Satellite
  • LAN
  • T1 or corporative LAN

Advanced Settings: This option is strongly recommended for advanced users. There are two modules in this setting. One is "Receiving" and other one is "Packages". These settings can be customized as per the user’s requirements.

"Size of the received packages" shows the reception size of data packages, it can be selected (in bytes) and the option Speed up the internet by selecting the incoming data packages can be check marked to see the difference. Waiting time for receiving these data packages also can be selected for TCP/IP reception. If user is using more than one server at a time it can be increased using this option.

In "Packages" option, size of the data packages can be distinguished in bytes as per the requirement as it shows the maximum size of data packets sent from the PC to Internet. Activate automatic detection provides the facility of decreasing the size of the data packages whenever necessary to speed up the Internet.

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