What is fragmentation in hard drive?

Fragmentation refers to the condition of a hard drive in which files are stored in a noncontiguous manner, where the files are divided into pieces and scattered around the hard drive. Fragmentation is caused due to frequent usage of disk by creating, deleting and modifying files. This process is entirely managed by Operating System in the computer and File System in the hard drive and is invisible to users. Eventually fragmentation will slow down the speed at which data is accessed because the File System should search through different parts of the hard drive to put together a single file.

Since, the data accessing speed is reduced due to fragmentation it also stresses the hardware components in the hard drive, thus the hard drive life is also reduced. In order to extend the life of the hard drive and to improve the performance of the computer it is recommended to defragment your hard drive regularly.

Remo Drive Defrag software offers you scheduling the defragmentation process, so you don’t need to remember the days to defrag your hard drive. Just schedule the software for the first time and it does it's work without your intervention.

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