What is the need to Create Disk Image function in the software? When it could be used?

A disk error is a sign for a hardware problem. Remo Recover Windows software is a solution to recover your data due to logical/software problems. We strongly recommend to stop using the corrupted or bad drive until you create an image of your drive. As every attempt to access data or read the drive will deteriorate the drive life. Once you successfully create a Disk Image file then you can use it to recover data without even restoring the disk image to a different drive using Remo Recover Windows software.

Creating disk image is a resource intensive operation and requires lot of system memory to hold information and to write to an image file. It is advisable that you close all other programs when this operation is in progress to provide as much available memory to the application. This in turn will improve the overall speed of the process.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to create a disk image file using Remo Recover software:

  1. Launch the Remo Recover Windows Software
  2. Click on “Recover Drives” and select “Partition Recovery” option from the main screen
  3. Make a single click on the drive which you are looking to take an image
  4. Click on Tools menu and select "Save Image File " option
  5. Provide a location to save the Disk Image file and click on Save (you cannot save the image file to the same drive you taking an image).

Once you click on save, "creating disk image" progress bar will be displayed. During this process software will be creating a disk image file on the destination location. It will be reading from the source drive and copying the information sector-by-sector on the disk image file. The estimated time to complete the whole process depends on the total hard drive capacity and the overall computer performance.

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