Why the drive is not getting recognized in Windows as well as Remo Recover software?

The drive is not detected when the drive has severe firmware corruption, or not plugged in properly. In order to check whether the drive is recognized or not you should first check in Disk Management Console for Windows or Disk Utilities for Mac.

Steps to open Windows Disk Management:
  • Click "Control Panel" or "Settings"
  • Type "Administrative Tools" in the search bar and enter, select Administrative Tools from the search result
  • Now, click on "Computer Management" and the resulting window has three options: System tools, Storage & Services, and Applications
  • Expand Storage and you could find "Disk Management"
  • Check in Disk Management whether your drive is recognized or not.

Steps to open Mac Disk Utilities:

  • Open Launchpad, type and search "Disk Utility".
  • Now click on Disk Utility and the window appears.
  • Check whether your drive is displayed.
  • If your drive is displayed, click on "info" at the top right corner.
  • Check the drive details.

If the drive is not listed here, then Remo Recover software will not recognize the drive you are trying to recover.

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