Why the fonts and images on the software were overlapped and not clear?

This is due to extreme font scaling setup on your Display Settings. In Display Setting on a Windows computer check the “Font Scaling” is higher than 100%.

Steps to change the Font Scaling:

Go to RUN (windows key + R) now type cmd and enter.
Now command prompt window appears then type dpiscaling and enter.
Under the Display heading, under “Make it easier to read what’s on your screen” and select smaller (100%) which is the default and then click Apply. 
You need to log off the user and then log on the user again for the changes to take effect. 

For Windows 10 users:
Open Settings and search for Change Display Settings
Under Scale and layout select "custom scaling"
Select 100% from the drop down and click apply
Sign out/restart the PC to make the changes.

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