Remo Optimizer fixed all the errors found, but after fixing error why explorer.exe crash everytime?

Remo Optimizer software only fixes junk files, removes corrupt or unused registry keys, removes unwanted application from startup, etc. Remo Optimizer software doesn't alter any .dll on system files. Windows Explorer crashes when the required .dll file is missing or corrupt.

In order to solve this issue you need to restore your computer to an earlier date. Follow the steps below to restore your computer to an earlier date:

  • Press Windows key + R -> Opens ‘Run’ prompt
  • Type ‘cmd’ without quotes and click OK
  • At the command prompt, type rstrui.exe, and then press Enter
  • System Restore window will open, click ‘Next’
  • Check the previous restore points with respect to the dates
  • If you were unable to find the restore date you need, check mark the check box “Show more restore points”
  • Select a particular update and click on “Scan for affected programs” button
  • This will run a scan and list you the affected programs that will be lost after restoring
  • Check whether the recent Windows update is included on the list
  • Also, check if there are any other programs that you might need is also in the list
  • Once everything is confirmed click “Next” to start System Restore.

Note: Please be aware that the listed applications after "Scan for affected programs", will be removed after restoring the PC to an earlier date. None of your saved files will be affected due to System Restore.

Once after restoring your computer Windows need to be updated again. Make sure to update the computer without any interruptions. If you are using a Laptop do not close the lid until the Windows Update installation completes 100%. As the “Power Options” in your Laptop might forcefully shutdown or hibernate when you close the lid.

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