Tool to Restore Data from Deleted Partition

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“I had to relocate huge data from one partition to another but the partitions of my computer were not correctly allocated so I had to re-partition it. However I started repartitioning my drive by resizing the partitions, I don’t know what happened and I totally messed up resulting in deletion of partition. Due to deletion of partition I have lost all my files within the partition. Now I am very much worried as I don’t have the backup of the important data which was in the partition. Can anyone suggest me a good recovery tool which can recover all my lost data from the deleted partition?”

Whenever you are performing partition related stuff like resizing, relocating, extending etc. always have a backup of your important data in some external drive. So that if anything goes wrong while performing re-partition then you can restore your backup data to their respective location. Partitions are very much helpful for computer users as they provide them much flexibility to access and store data within the computer. At times when disk partitioning is not done correctly then it can ruin the flexibility of the user. So user has to make proper partitioning while installing new operating system or while performing partition related things.

Data loss cases due to partition deletion

  • Usually when amateur users try to do partitioning then there are chances of deleting partitions accidentally
  • Interruption like sudden power loss while performing re-partition can result in deletion or loss of partition from the drive
  • Deleting the partition while reinstalling your operating system can result in loss of whole data from the partition

The above are some of the common reasons in which one can lose data from the partition. However if you have come across any such data loss due to partition deletion then you don't have to worry, as data recovery from deleted partition has become very easy now. In order to make the partition recovery easy, Remo Hard Drive Recovery software comes to your rescue.

Spectacular features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

  • Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) provides its user with highly interactive user interface which is very easy to understand
  • This reliable tool can recover more than 300 types of files which includes documents, pictures, videos, audios, zip files and many more
  • With the help of this utility you can effortlessly get back files from formatted hard drive
  • Supports recovery from hard drive such as SCSI, SSD, SCSI and IDE
  • Utilizing this reliable application one can easily recover data from inaccessible or crashed partition
  • After successful recovery you can sort the files on the basis on file name, file size, file type and date modified
  • It is compatible with file system such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5

Useful tips:

Do not perform partitioning related stuff if you do not have much knowledge on it. Before deleting partition make sure there is no important data residing within it. Have power backup like UPS to your computer when you are performing partition related work so that there will be no interruption.

Steps to Recover Files from Deleted Partition

First of all download the trial version of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac), install and launch it by double clicking it. At the main screen click on “Recover Drives” option and followed by “Partition Recovery” option. Once the tool locates all the partition you may select the deleted partition from which you want to recover the files. By this the scanning process for recovering the files will be initialized, wait for it to complete successfully. Once the scanning is completed you can have a look on all the recovered files by utilizing “Preview” option. If you are pleased with the recovery of this application then you can purchase the product as the demo version will not allow you to save the files.

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