Windows File Recovery Software

  • Recover files which are accidentally deleted in few simple steps
  • Supports recovery from hard drive, External USB drive, flash memory card, SD Card
  • Recover more than 500 file types including documents, zip archives etc
  • Supports file retrieval from Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Rated as one of the most fastest and efficient file recovery tool

Recover files that you thought you have lost forever

Lost your files? Deleted files by mistake and want them back now? Wondering how to recover your deleted / lost Word documents, Excel spreadsheets containing important and valuable data, or any other file type? Not sure which files recovery software to use? Get Remo Recover Basic Edition software, rated as one of the most effective file recovery software available in today's market and ensure complete recovery of your lost files.


Remo Recover (Windows)

  • Fastest file recovery software to recover lost / deleted files
  • File recovery after emptying recycle bin or files deleted using Shift + Del
  • Retrieve files from formatted / re-formatted / re-partitioned drives
  • Ability to identify and restore files on the basis of their unique signatures
  • Option to Add / Edit new signatures for files, which are not pre-defined in the software
  • Apart from simple scanning which works in most cases the software provides advanced scanning option to recover files from most complex scenerios

Remo Recover (Mac)

  • Recover files deleted from Mac Trash
  • Recover files deleted using the Command + Delete key combination
  • In-built advanced scanning algorithms to perform file restoration on missing / deleted Mac volumes
  • Supports file retrieval from HFS+, HFSX formatted Mac volumes
  • Mac finder styled interface to view recovered data
  • Fast built-in “Find Tool” to find files in recovered data list

Common scenarios in which files can get deleted / lost

Accidental deletion – Accidental deletion of files can occur in many ways. You might accidentally delete files by emptying the Recycle Bin on Windows and Trash on Mac. You may also end up deleting files using the Shift + Delete keys combination on Windows or Command + Delete key combination on Mac. You might also end up deleting files accidentally from the Windows command prompt or by using the Cut or Move commands.

Files that bypass Recycle Bin – There are instances when a file can bypass the Recycle Bin and get deleted without you noticing it. This can happen when the file is larger than the size which the Recycle Bin can hold.

Files deleted by third party tools – There might be many third party tools that you make use of in your computer, which make use of both application related and system related files on your PC. Malfunctioning of these applications could lead to loss or deletion of files.

Improper shutdown – Abrupt system reboot can corrupt your files. Improper shutdown of your computer during file transfer could also lead to loss of files.

Anti-virus scanning leading to deletion of files – Anti-virus softwares that you use might delete files that are harmful for your computer. These programs may end up deleting important or critical files while scanning.

Defrag failure resulting in loss of files - If the defrag process is not complete, or fails due to some errors there are chances of files getting lost or erased.

Process: How to recover files using Remo Recover Basic Edition

Note: Remo Recover has been designed to work in a read-only mode and hence it does not write any information on your data device from which you are trying to recover data.

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