Remo File Repair Tools

  • Collection of various tools to repair broken or damaged Office, media, Outlook, Zip and RAR files
  • Read-only software, reads corrupt & make new usable files
  • Advanced repair engine to extract content from severely corrupt files
  • Extremely safe & easy to use even for novice users

File Repair

“There is nothing that's broken that can't be fixed, but it won't happen on its own”. This is very true especially when we are living in an era of advanced technology. It has been few years since our lives have been revolving around PowerPoint presentations, excel sheets, word documents, Outlook etc. There are numerous types of registered file types. But, we care the most about our DOC / DOCX, PPT, PST, RAR, ZIP, and MOV files. They are of utmost importance to us. If these files get damaged or corrupted for some reason, it will be a case of severe data loss. Thus Remo software has developed a suite of  “file repair tools” which are designed  for repairing files from each of these file types i.e. Word files, PowerPoint files, Outlook PST files, RAR files, MOV file, ZIP files precisely on a Windows OS.

Here’s a brief overview of all the repair tools that Remo software offers to repair corrupted files:

Remo Repair Word:
MS Word is the most widely used desktop application for creating word documents. Fortunately or unfortunately the word files are susceptible to damage or corruption for several reasons such as Macro viruses, software issues, system reboot etc. Remo Repair Word will fix corrupted word files for any scenario without any difficulty.

Remo Repair PowerPoint:
Corporate offices are heavily dependent on MS PowerPoint. Encountering a broken .ppt/.ppts/.pptx file is definitely bad news.
Using this file repair software you can mend your damaged PowerPoint presentations and save yourself from lot of complexities.

Remo Repair Outlook PST:
Outlook has been around as your personal office assistant for a significant period of time. With each passing day, your outlook PST files grow a little more in size and even tend sto get corrupted midway. The Remo Repair Outlook PST tool is capable of fixing such corrupt, not-opening & oversized PST files with ease.

Remo Repair ZIP:
Major benefit of using Zip files is less space and more data. However, specifically due to its architecture, it is more prone to corruption. This tool can repair broken .zip and .zipx files. Zip files can be damaged due to reasons such as bad CRC, unknown compression methods etc.

Remo Repair RAR:
Speaking of RAR files, when a RAR file gets corrupted, not one but multiple files are affected. A RAR file is created using the WinRAR application. The question is how you uncorrupt a file? Remo Repair RAR software is specifically designed to repair corrupted RAR files & recover back the files from it.

Remo Repair MOV:
MOV and mp4 files can be your personal data holding sentimental value. There could be numerous reasons why a video file is not playing or why the audio of a video file is not clear. This happens when the file is internally damaged. Remo software has come up with a tool called Remo Repair MOV which shall rescue you to fix such corrupted or unplayable MOV & MP4 video files in easy way.

Remo Repair AVI :
Remo Repair AVI tool focusses on repairing unplayable avi, xvid and divx files. It has an advanced algorithm which makes it possible to mend broken or corrupted AVI files effectively. It joins the broken audio and video stream by stream and renders a healthy video.

Remo Repair PSD:
Editing an Adobe Phtooshop files (PSD & PDD) is quite tricky. A small mistake you lead to corrput PSD image files. In such cases Remo Repair PSD is the best choice that will fix your corrupt PSD & PDD files with all its color modes and layers intact.

Why Remo File Repair Software?

Firstly, it is a read-only software. It will not write anything on the broken or corrupted file. The software is an advanced repair engine which helps in building the broken or corrupted file by creating a completely new file and keeping the original file intact. this ensures your corrupt file is not editted. Moreover, it requires minimum disk space of about 50 MB for its installation.

Benefits you will reap on using Remo File Repair:

  • Free Demo Version- A free trial version is provided, which lets you preview the repaired file. It will give you an opportunity to understand and conclude whether the tool matches your requirement or not.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – A technical support team consisting of experts will be 24/7 available for all your file repair pre-sales and post-sales queries. This facility is absolutely free of cost. You can always make the best of it.
  • Preview option- Remo Software allows you to have a preview of the recovered files and folders and lets you decide its effectiveness.
  • OS Supported- Remo File Repair Tools are avaialble for both Windows and Mac (supporting latest versions including Windows 10, and macOS High Sierra), depending on the need one can choose the required one.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee- 30 day refund policy is followed in case you do not get favorable results which highly unlikely to happen.

Simple Steps to Repair Corrupted Files:

  • Download the required Remo Repair software and install it on your system
  • Launch the application. Browse to select the file to be repaired using Browse option and hit on Repair
  • Once the repair process is completed, preview the contents of the file and click on Next tab
  • Provide the destination to save the repaired file and click on Save option



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Safe and Secure
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