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How to regain lost Excel file?

It is very terrifying to even think of losing your excel file, which may contain thousands of critical information. What if one fine day, suddenly your hard drive fails and you actually lose your most important excel worksheet? Won’t it be a very painful job to recreate your huge excel sheet all over again? Do not worry, you don’t need to recreate them, they might not be lost yet. They can be recovered by using some congenial recovery software. But, for guaranteed recovery, ensure that you do not copy new files to the drive where you lost your excel file, so that there are no chances of the lost files being overwritten.  Remo Recover is one such software which is very good in recovering MS Excel files, which you may have lost due to any reason. This tool can recover all XLS and XLSX files lost from your internal or external storage devices.

Remo Recover

Remo Recover Windows / Mac - Basic Edition is distinctively designed to successfully recover excel files. It apprehends powerful algorithms which can recover XLS and XLSX files from all types of devices like hard drives, USB flash drives, FireWire devices, Memory cards etc. This software includes a file type view with the help of which you can view the files based on the extensions (i.e .xls & .xlsx). This tool can recover excel files created using any version of MS Excel starting from Office 2000 to Office 2010 and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8,7, Vista & XP and Mac OSX Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.

Why Remo Recover?

It is a perfect tool when the question of recovering lost excel sheets arises. It is very simple to use and recovers all data accurately without any loss. It doesn’t modify the original files, instead extracts the information from the lost file and saves is to a new excel document. The quick installation and recovery process allows the user to recover lost files in minutes. It is capable enough to recover files lost after cut and paste operation, due to format error, file system corruption, due to application malfunction or any other raeson.If you intend to test the software, you can download the trial version and check its efficiency. If you are satisfied with the results, you can go for the product and save your files.

How Remo recovers lost excel files?

If your have lost your excel files and wish to get them back,  download and install the software and follow the mentioned steps. Run the application and click ‘Recover Files’. Then select ‘Recover Lost Files’. Click on a drive / partition and hit next to start the scanning process. When it gets over, it will show a list of files. Select .xls & .xlsx from the file type view. Select the ones you need and save the recovery session. You can also preview the files. In order to save the excel worksheets, you have to pay for the license.

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