I am a professional photographer and using Nikon D700 camera to capture photos. One day, my camera memory card was full and no space to store other captured photos. Hence, I decided to transfer photos to PC. The moment I connected memory card to PC using card reader, I got a pop up message that “Inaccessible memory card. Would like to format it” without seeing the message properly I clicked on OK and lost around 4 GB of photos. Could anyone assist me to recover them as they were before?

As a human being, no one become perfect without doing mistakes. Do not worry! Every problem has solution, but we should look into deep to search solution. In this 21st century, how technology emerging in providing facilities to reduce their work, same way technology providing solutions for problems have being occurring in developed products.

Whenever you lost collection of photos and other media files from memory card after formatting, then no need to worry, because still you have chance to restore them as they were before by employing one such smart media file recovery tool like Remo Recover Media edition. This tool provides you friendly user interface to achieve picture recovery process successfully from different types of formatted memory card and it restores all photo formats such as JPEG, GIF, BNP, etc. on both Windows and Mac machines in simple way. Remo Recover Media edition is the most trusted application available in the market to find lost photos from memory card, hard disk drive, USB drive, iPod and from other storage devices as well.

Other Photo loss scenarios supported by Remo Recover

  • Accidental deletion
  • Photos deleted using shift + delete combination of key
  • After opting for restore option
  • Photos lost after partition inaccessible due to virus and malware threats
  • Photos lost after performing incomplete transfer process due to power failure, sudden restart of PC and abruptly ejecting connected device

Click on the given link if you want to retrieve photos after partial transferring process.

Why should I buy Remo Recover Media Edition?

  • Provides its demo version to check its efficiency
  • Option to preview files prior to perform actual recovery
  • Provides 24 hours * 7 days of technical support to assist you
  • Requires only 50MB of space to install
  • Facilitates you raise your tickets through email and chat applications

Other advantages: This software is also capable to recover photos from other storage devices such as iPod, Hard disk, USB drive, Android phones, etc.

How to restore photos using Remo Recover Media Edition

Note: In case you lost photos from other storage devices except PC then connect that device to PC where you wish to install software.

Initially download demo version of Remo Recover Media edition and install on PC or laptop successfully. As soon you launch, it emerges with main screen, which consists of three major options. In that, you choose Recover Photos to perform photo recovery from any memory card easily. Next choose “Recover Lost Photos” and Click “OK”. Now, Software lists all drivers found in system, you select a driver from where you wish to perform photo recovery and click “Next” to initiate scanning process to lists all found pictures prior to recovery. It lists all found pictures in “File Type View” and “Data View” format option. You can choose specific file to perform recovery or else you can choose all files to recovery and click ok. Once software performs recovery process, lists all recovered files to preview. If you are pleased with obtained results then purchase key to save those files to disk.

Precautionary steps to avoid photo loss

  • Always maintain backup of important photos
  • Have backup before formatting or deleting photos from any storage media
  • Scan regularly with updated antivirus software

To get more detailed information about the recovery procedure, just view this video:

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