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Remo Duplicate photo Remover Tool will scan your computer to find all similar images and removes the selected ones in just one click. Its a easy-to-use tool that works on all Windows & Mac computers. Get it Now!!

Unless you have an ultra-clean computer, it’s considered normal to have duplicates or similar images on your computer. Say for example, you are fond of editing pictures on your phone such as adding special effects, cropping etc. In this case, there may be multiple similar copies of the same image saved after each edit.

Another instance may be using the burst mode on your camera. A large number of pictures of the same shot are captured. Unless you clean the duplicates immediately, just 5 – 10 burst mode pictures can make your gallery have a disturbing look.

To solve this problem, you will have to delete duplicates. Instead of having to take the pain of deleting similar images manually, what if software were available for this purpose? The process would be quick and easy and you would have a clean, organized look. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover does exactly that. It looks for similar copies of your photos and removes them.

How Remo Duplicate Photo Remover works?

The software scans for your photos for duplicates and creates groups of similar photos from it. You can then scan through these groups to see if any of these images within groups are keepers or if you want to discard the whole set. Even if you do decide to discard the whole set and later you feel the need to get it back, don’t worry! You’re in luck; Remo ensures one copy is still with you.

Steps to find and remove similar images from computer

Using the software is definitely easier than deleting duplicates manually and to further simplify, we have tried to make the steps as descriptive as possible. To know how to remove duplicates pictures from computer first download & install Remo Duplicate Photo Remover software on your PC and follow along with the steps.

  1. On the home screen, choose ‘Select Location and Start Scan
  2. Next you will be asked to choose from a list of locations from which you’d like to remove pictures. Here you can choose either one or multiple locations
  3. The software starts scanning the specified location/s for duplicates. By default, it checks for an exact match, but you also have an option to allow the software to check for ‘Scan for similar photos’. With this, you can let the software look for similar photos.
  4. After the software completes scanning, duplicates will be grouped together and listed
  5. You can either choose images from the group or you can discard the entire group. The choice is yours. Finally, click on Finish button to complete the process and delete duplicates.

Note: The software is designed to be versatile to suit all devices. There are both Windows and Mac versions available for users. Also, if you want to remove duplicates on the phone, an app is available. App is available in the PlayStore for Android and in the AppStore for iOS users. Try a demo version today and delete up to 15 duplicates for free.

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