How to Repair Audio Sync Issues in AVI Files?

Instantly fix corrupt, damaged or truncated AVI videos on Windows and Mac systems using Remo Repair AVI. Also repair XVID and DivX videos created by any digital camera or mobile phone!!!

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved is a multimedia file format widely used by the users of Windows and Mac systems. This file format consists of both audio and video frames and is saved with extension .avi. When AVI file is played on any media player both audio and video data frames works in union. However, sometimes you might encounter  audio video synchronization errors while playing AVI video files. Here are few common reasons that will damage AVI file and result in AVI audio sync issues.

  • Codec Issues: Codec is a small set of program used to decode and encode audio-video formats. In case, if codec of particular AVI file is missing or damaged then there are possibilities of audio sync error  in AVI file.
  • Corrupt Hard Drive - If the storage media like hard drive where AVI files are saved is corrupted due to file system corruption, software clashes, formation of bad sectors etc. will lead to audio sync problems
  • Third Party Software: When any unsafe third party software is used to edit or modify AVI file, then there are chances that this software may cause harm to AVI file which lead to AVI audio sync issues. Thus, third party software can also cause AVI file corruption.
  • Virus Attack: One of the main reason for audio sync issues is harmful viruses. These infections get into AVI files through internet, unsecured data, infected devices used for transferring files and will result in synchronization issues

Additionally, user may also come across audio sync issues in AVI file due to incompatibility, software issues, interruption while playing, downloading from unreliable site, unsupported media player and many more.

At certain situation, it is quite obvious that you may want to repair AVI audio sync issues using easy and trusted way.  Remo Repair AVI application will fix AVI audio video Sync problem with great ease. This software can easily fix all kinds of AVI file corruption related issues within 3-4 easy steps. It also supports repairing of XVID and DIVX file formats along with AVI file.

Apart from this, it can also repair AVI file that partially play or do not play at all due to corruption. This tool has the ability to separate audio and video frames and then repair it separately. After repairing process, it adjoins both the frames together to form healthy playable AVI file. It can easily fix AVI files that are stored in external hard drives, memory cards, thumb drives, SD cards, iPod, MP3 player and many more. This AVI file repairing software can be installed in all latest versions of both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Safety Measures to Avoid AVI Audio Sync Issue:

  • Have backup copy of favorite and important AVI file
  • Avoid frequently changing file extension of your video files
  • Always play AVI files on supported media player
  • Avoid improper termination of media player when AVI file is been played

Easy Steps to Repair Audio Sync Issues in AVI Video:

  • Download and install Remo Repair AVI demo version to the system and launch it.
  • Select AVI file with audio sync issue and then click on REPAIR option.
  • Quick analyzing and repairing process will take place.
  • After complete process, repaired AVI file can be viewed using PREVIEW option.
  • In order to save fixed AVI file activate the software by purchasing activation key.
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