Fix AVI Audio and Video Out of Sync Error

Updated on March 10, 2020

Does your AVI file play only audio? Use Remo Repair AVI software to easily fix the issue and make AVI file playable with both audio and video in sync. The tool fixes AVI files on both Windows and Mac OS quickly!

It is seriously annoying to watch a video with lip sync error. Lip sync error is nothing but when you play a video and see audio is lagging or running ahead of the video or in some cases the entire AVI will be frozen and audio alone plays along. Fortunately, with the help of this article you no longer need to sit through the misery of watching an AVI video that is out of sync with audio.

Generally, an AVI video file comprises a video track and an audio track and these tracks are synchronized through time stamps. When you consider an AVI file with audio and video out of sync error the AVI file might contain some damaged or missing video frames. This damaged or missing video frames will result in unsynchronized AVI video.

You can sync AVI audio and video tracks using a VLC media player. Since VLC media player has elaborate functionalities that enable users to manipulate the audio sync time settings. All you need to do is go to Tools > Track Synchronisation > Synchronization (tab). From here you can advance or delay the audio track corresponding to the video track.

However, this fix is temporary and you should make this settings every time you play the video. Not only that, sometimes even after fixing the error the sync time might change after a while which means you should adjust the sync time again. This can be really annoying in the long run.

Nevertheless, you can permanently fix the AVI video that is having unsynchronized audio using an AVI repair tool.

How to Permanently Fix AVI Audio and Video Sync Issue

Remo AVI video repair tool can be used to resolve audio and video out of sync issues. The tool has capability to separate both audio, video tracks and repair them individually. Launch the tool and follow Instructions on how to repair AVI files using Remo are mentioned below.Figure 1

Click on “browse button” and select the AVI video file that is out of sync with audio and click on "Repair" button.Figure 2

When you click on repair, Remo AVI video repair tool will separate the audio and video tracks and start analyzing them for the error video frames. Later analysing the audio and video tracks the tool will eliminate the damaged video frames. After eliminating the damaged frames the tool will sync the audio, video tracks and adjoins them together.

After repairing the corrupted AVI video that is out of sync with audio, the tool will allow users to play and preview the full length video to ensure the error is fixed or not. Once confirming that the video is fixed click on save. Now the tool will create a fresh and error free AVI video. Figure 3

Features you Should Know About Remo Repair AVI

Works Read Only Mode

Since many content creators create videos which have their own attributes. Repairing the original video might alter those attributes. Inorder to preserve them, Remo Video Repair software is developed to work only in read only mode. Tool creates a copy of the damaged AVI video and repairs it while the original video remains untouched.

Simple and Straightforward interface

Remo Repair AVI is designed with a simple and straightforward user interface so that even a novice user can easily repair the damaged videos.

Compatible with All compressions of AVI and Operating systems

Remo Repair AVI is developed to support all compressions of AVI. For example, this tool can also fix audio issues on DivX videos, MPEG-4 compression and even conventional compressions such as MPEG-1. You can also use this tool to fix AVI files on Mac to fix the Quicktime videos without any sound.

Preview Option

To provide the assurance over the efficiency Remo Repair AVI is integrated with a preview window. With the help of a preview window you can play the full length video and check whether the video is fixed or not.

You might be able to fix the A/V sync issue with the help of a VLC media player but, the fix is temporary. On the opposite, the Remo video repair tool can fix the AVI video out of sync with audio permanently. Developed to work only in read only mode Remo Repair AVI will create a new and error free file keeping the original video untouched.

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