How To Repair Corrupt Outlook Profile?

If you are unable to access all your Outlook data there is a good chance that your Outlook profile is corrupted. In this article, we will teach you how to rebuild your Outlook profile on Windows 10/11 or earlier versions. Outlook data files generally contain data of high importance, if the same applies to your situation as well, and you would like to rebuild Outlook profile as soon as possible with minimal risk, we recommend that you use a professional Outlook repair software such as Remo Repair Outlook PST. Download now to Rebuild your Outlook profile!

Written by Tony Landry / Updated on October 28, 2023

No doubt Outlook profile is crucial when you are using a Microsoft Outlook account. When you open Outlook for the first time, a new profile will be automatically created, and eventually, Outlook uses it whenever you open your Outlook account. Microsoft Outlook allows its users to have multiple Outlook profiles. So anyone using Outlook can have multiple profiles. For example, separate profiles for personal and Office work.

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Any damage or corruption to your Outlook profile can make all your emails, contacts, notes, reminders, events, and other Outlook items inaccessible. If such an issue arises, an Outlook error message is usually displayed.

Outlook error messages that state that your Outlook profile is corrupt are-

  • File (Filename).pst cannot be accessed
  • Data Error (Cyclic redundancy check)
  • An unknown error has occurred: 0x80040116
  • Messaging interface has caused an unknown error

Sometimes, data corruption can also result in Outlook not responding.

In this article, you will find out how to repair and rebuild Outlook profile using several reliable methods. But before you move on to it, let’s find out a few common reasons for Outlook profile corruption or damage.

Why is my Outlook profile corrupt?

while there several possible causes, the most common reasons for a corrupt Outlook profile are listed below-

  • Interruptions: Abrupt system shut down or terminate the Outlook application while you are working on it.
  • Improper installation: Corrupt Outlook profile can be due to improper installation of the Outlook application. Improper installation can lead to Outlook crashes and result in Outlook profile corruption.
  • Failed Login Attempts: Invalid login attempts to your Outlook profile.
  • Issues while updating: Errors while upgrading or transferring the Outlook profile can cause corruption.
  • Oversized PST file: If the PST file is oversized it can make your Outlook profile inaccessible.
  • Corrupt PST file: If your PST file is corrupt or damaged, then your Outlook profile gets inaccessible.

In all the above situations, your Outlook profile can get corrupt and all your Outlook items including your Outlook emails, contacts, reminders, etc., become inaccessible.


How to Fix corrupt Outlook Profile?

For: Outlook 2021, 2019,2016,2013 and earlier versions

Find out the 3 most successful methods how to repair Outlook profile corruption.

1. Repair Outlook Profile using Outlook application

In Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook tool and click on File tab.


2. Select Account Settings drop-down box and then, Account Settings option.


3. In the Email tab, Select the corrupt Outlook profile which you want to fix and hit Repair button.


4. Confirm the login details if your Outlook profile is password protected and click Next.


5. After the completion of Outlook repair process, click Finish button.

This way you can repair your minor Outlook profile corruption in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010.

In Outlook 2007:

Open Outlook application > Click on Tools > Select Account Settings > In the Email tab select Outlook account profile > Click Repair button > Now, follow the self-explanatory instructions to repair corrupt Outlook profile > Finally, restart Outlook 2007 to sync changes.

2. Repair Corrupt Outlook Profile using the scanpst.exe tool

Launched by Microsoft, ScanPST is an inbuilt tool that comes with Outlook. It is designed to repair common issues and can fix pst files with low corruption levels. You can use ScanPST to repair your corrupted Outlook profile by following the instructions below-

  • First, locate Scanpst.exe using the Windows Search bar and open it.

  • If you are unable to find Scanpst.exe, you can locate the application using the below path in your respective Outlook versions.
Outlook Version ScanPST Location

Outlook 2019

  • 32-bit Version:C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office19
  • 64-bit Version: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office19
Outlook 2016
  • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16\
  • 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\
Outlook 2013
  • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\
  • 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\
Outlook 2010
  • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft office\Office 14\
  • 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Microsoft office\Office 14\
Outlook 2007
  • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft office\Office 12\
  • 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Microsoft office\Office 12\
Outlook 2003
  • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\ Common Files\System\MSMAPI\
  • 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\
Outlook 2002 or XP 32-bit Windows; C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\
Outlook 2000 C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\locale ID\NT\scanpst.exe
Outlook 97 / Outlook 98 C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Messaging\scanpst.exe
  • Open ScanPST.exe, and select your corrupted/damaged PST file.
  • locate-scanpst-using-windows-searchbar

  • you can make use of the Browse Option to locate and select your PST file. And then Click on Start.
  • click-next-after-selecting-corrupted-pst-file

  • Select Repair.
  • click-repair-to-fix-pst-file

After the completion of the PST/ OST file repairing process, you can access your Outlook emails and other attributes. In case,you are still unable to rebuild outlook profile, use Remo Outlook PST Repair tool which can easily fix corrupt Outlook profile created on any version of Outlook including Outlook 2019, 2016.

3. Fix corrupt or damaged Outlook profile using Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool

If you were not able to solve your issue by now, we recommend that you make use of professional PST repair software such as Remo Repair Outlook PST.


Source: Trustpilot

Remo Repair Outlook PST works with powerful scanning algorithms to fix corrupt PST file with ease. This read-only mode tool safely creates a healthy PST file by extracting all your data from the corrupt Outlook profile. And easily recovers all your deleted or lost Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, reminders, attachments, notes, folder structure, rules, and many more.

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Steps To Fix Corrupt Outlook Profile using Remo Outlook Repair tool:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool on your computer and select the appropriate following option based on your need to fix corrupt Outlook profile.

  • Open Default PST File: This Outlook Repair software locates your corrupt Outlook profile from its default location.
  • Select PST File Manually: The software enables you to Manually locate the corrupt Outlook PST file which you want to fix.
  • Find All Your PST Files: If you have multiple Outlook PST files, you can make use of this option. This option will automatically locate the existing multiple Outlook profiles and choose one among them that you want to repair.


Step 2: After selecting the corrupt Outlook profile, click Next.


Step 3: Now, select the Smart Scan to fix your severe corrupt Outlook profile.


Step 4: Click the Browse button to select the location of your choice to save the repaired Outlook PST File and click the Repair option.

Once the Outlook profile repairing process completes, you can view your repaired PST file in the selected destination and can access all your Outlook data such as emails, contacts, reminders, attachments, etc. without any issue.

Watch this video to understand more on how to repair corrupt Outlook profile using Remo Outlook Repair tool
Watch this video to understand more on how to repair corrupt Outlook profile using Remo Outlook Repair tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Corrupted PST is one of the many causes of Outlook profile corruption. The profile may become unreachable owing to a corrupted PST and will need to be repaired.

Repair Profile In MS Outlook 2016/2019/2021:

  • Select File from the File option in the Outlook window.
  • Next to Account Settings, click the down-arrow icon.
  • Choose Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • On the Email tab, choose the Outlook profile and then click Repair.

The answer is NO. When you delete any file or folder from your Windows system. They end up in the Recycle Bin folder till the end of time. But if you have permanently deleted those files, they are gone forever. The only way to bring them back is by using a professional data recovery tool like Remo.

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