Here's how you can repair PST files damaged while compacting!

Updated on December 30, 2019

Corruption in PST files may be caused due to errors while compacting of Outlook PST files. However, Remo PST Repair tool will fix these damaged or corrupt PST files on all Outlook versions with absolute ease and perfection in just few simple steps.

PST files are a copy of Outlook data on your local computer. It contains each and every email you send or receive in Outlook and has a tendency Outlook PST file will grow large in size. Since, it contains a lot of data stored, it is often referred to as a database.

Because of the fact that PST file is a database of a very large size, it is subject to corruption problems from time to time. In order to solve oversized PST file issue this problem, many users resort to techniques like compacting the PST file or splitting the file into multiple small files.

If you choose to compact your PST file, it is important that you follow proper procedure and wait until the process completes fully. Cancelling the compact process half way through or sudden system shutdown during the compact process can cause corruption in the PST file and your Outlook application will stuck.

And corruption in the PST files mean you can lose a tremendous amount of Outlook data like all your emails, contacts, calendars, notes etc. You may also receive various types of errors like trouble opening Outlook, trouble sending emails and messages like 'PST file cannot be accessed' etc. Hence, it becomes inevitable that you repair the PST file immediately.

How to repair PST file damaged during compacting process?

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is capable of fixing all the issues with the damaged PST files which were the result of improper or failed compacting. Here's a tutorial on repairing corrupt PST file when compacting goes wrong:

    Step 1: Download Remo Repair Outlook (PST) on your system and complete the installation process. Launch the software to open the main screen, which shows three different options. Choose the option labelled 'Select PST file manually' if you know the location of the PST file, else select 'Open Default PST file'  pst file repair after compacting.1

    Step 2: If you selected 'Select PST file manually' in the previous step, browse to select the PST file to repair in the next screen. pst file repair after compacting.3

    Step 3: The tool provides you two scanning options: one is a Normal Scan and the other a Smart Scan. Select Normal Scan and choose a destination to save the repaired PST file. pst file repair after compacting.5

    Step 4: Click on the Repair option to begin with the PST repair process. pst file repair after compacting.6

    Step 5: After the repairing procedure is over, just open the repaired PST file in Outlook to access all Outlook items.

Take Note: The idea behind compacting is to reduce the size of the PST file. Reduced file size results in a better performing and faster Outlook. But, in the real world, anything could go wrong during the compact process and lead to file corruption. It is always safe to have a backup of your essential Outlook files. For a fuss free backup, checkout how to take backup of Outlook PST file.

Tips to compact a PST file successfully

Say, you have a large PST file of size 50Gb or more. By compacting this file, you may be able to get it to 30Gb or so, but it can take up to 2 days to compact files this size.

Since that is a very long time, you may have to cancel the process half through for something more important or the system may shut down due to various reasons etc. In order to avoid this issue, regularly compact your PST files and don't wait until it becomes too large to handle. Small sized PST files are easier to compact and takes way lesser time.

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