Learn How to Fix Damaged PST Files if Compacting Goes Wrong

Repairing Damaged PST File After Compacting Blunder

Unsuccessful compacting can damage Outlook PST files. However, Remo PST Repair tool will fix these damaged or corrupt PST files of various Outlook versions with absolute ease and perfection in just few simple steps.

“It had been 3 hours since I began compacting my Outlook .pst file, I got fed up and thought to resume it later but to my horror, most of my files are now corrupted. What should I do?” - Victoria Rice

Sounds familiar! You might have faced this situation as well. Often Outlook users attempt to compact a large PST file in order to avoid frustrating problems. A significant number of people have reported corrupt or damaged PST file due to compacting failure.

When compacting Outlook data file backfires!

If something goes wrong during compacting a large PST file, the file will be corrupted. Generally, corrupted PST files are inacessible and if by chance, you happen to open or access, it is more likely that some of the attributes will be missing.

How to Repair Damaged PST Files if Compacting Fails

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is capable of fixing all the issues with the damaged PST files which were the result of improper or failed compacting. Here’s a tutorial on repairing corrupt PST file when compacting goes wrong:

Download Remo Repair Outlook (PST). Install it in your PC.

    Step 1: After you launch the software, the display screen will come up with three different options. You have to select one out of the three.  pst file repair after compacting.1

    Note: Finding the location of the PST file is the prime most step. If the location of the PST file is known to the user, then the path can be provided manually. pst file repair after compacting.2

    Step 2: Next, you have to select the file you want to repair. pst file repair after compacting.3

    Note: In case, you wish to select more than one pst file or pst files from a particular drive; select the correct drive and click on 'Find'. pst file repair after compacting.4

    Step 3: The tool provides you two ways to search your PST files and they are a) Normal Scan and b) Smart Scan. Choose the method of scanning depending upon the severity level of corruption. pst file repair after compacting.5

    Step 4:Click on the repair option to begin with the repairing process. pst file repair after compacting.6

    Step 5: After the repairing procedure is over, all the items can be previewed and hence, restored according to user’s need.

Take Note: The motto to attempt compacting is to to reduce the size of the file. Reduced file size leads to a fast paced Outlook. But, as we know results can be unexpected. Anything could go wrong and lead to file corruption. It is always safe to have a backup of your essential Outlook files. For a fuss free backup, checkout how to take backup of Outlook PST file.

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