Repair Damaged MS Word Files

Repair damaged or corrupt MS Word (.DOC, .DOCX) documents quickly using Remo Repair Word!!! Fix Word files that refuse to open or showing errors in just few clicks!! Easy to use and compatible with all latest versions of Windows OS.

Fix Broken Word Document

Microsoft Word of MS office suite offers many useful features and attributes which makes it a better choice for writing documents, projects, thesis, etc. and save them in .doc and .docx formats. Yet at times, there are chances of Word documents getting damaged or corrupt due to various reasons. When such instance happens, you cannot open Word documents again or if it get open, it doesn’t allow to add or edit anything.

In order to make damaged Word document readable again, make use of Open & Repair option which is provided by Microsoft Word. But, if the Word document is damaged or corrupted severely then Open & Repair option also fails to fix it. To repair such Word files, you need help of a third party repair application. Remo Repair Word is one such excellent Word document repair application which is reliable and easy to use. But, before repairing damaged file, have a look on some reasons that damage the Word document.

Several causes that damage Word documents:

  • Damage to Word document header due to software conflicts
  • Macro virus infection sometimes damage Word files
  • Repeatedly changing Word document to another file format (Round Tripping) results in broken Word document
  • Presence of bad sectors on hard drive, Word application incompatibility issues also causes damage to Word documents

Repair damaged Word document with Remo Repair Word:

Remo Repair Word is built to repair corrupt and damaged Word files. It easily fix and recover data from damaged doc or docx files that do not open or showing errors while opening. It retrieves everything contained in the data including OLE objects, fields including hyperlinks and text from damaged Word documents. The software has a superior algorithm designed for fixing MS Office Word 2013 documents easily along with various versions like 2003, 2007 and 2010. It also fixes damaged DOC or DOCX files created on Microsoft Word in few simple clicks. Remo Repair Word will not alter the original Word document (doc, docx), it only reads from the original file and creates a new healthy Word file. It also provides a preview option to have a look at the repaired version of the Word document.

Steps to repair damaged Word document:

  • Download the trial version of the software and install it on your system
  • Launch the software and click on "Browse" button to choose damaged Word file
  • Now, click on “Repair” button to start file repair process
  • After the completion of Word document repair, use “Preview” option to view your repaired DOC / DOCX file
  • At the end, save the fixed Word document to the desired location by clicking on “Save” button

Some precautions to avert Word document damage:

  • Always have a backup of important Word documents so that you can restore it during unexpected data loss scenarios
  • Use an updated antivirus to secure your system and to keep doc files safe
  • Do not change file extension of Word document (avoid Round Tripping)
  • Save Word documents before closing MS Word application

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