Fix DashCam Videos that Refuses to Play

Learn how to fix Dash Cam video files that refuses to play, using Remo MOV Repair tool in few easy steps. Download the trial version and preview the repaired video files for free!!!

Dash cams are cameras that are mounted on the dashboard of your car to record happenings on the road. These devices are extremely useful in case of accidents or other traffic violation cases to identify who is at fault.

Dash cams usually record videos in MOV or AVI format and store them on an SD card located inside the camera. They start recording when you turn ON the car and stop when you turn it OFF. This process continues until the SD card memory is full. Once it’s full, they over-write files starting from the oldest. This nature of dash cams makes their SD cards vulnerable to fragmentation and bad sectors, thus leading to corruption in files stored on these cards.

Besides this, there are also other reasons for corruption of these dashcam videos and some of the most common ones are explained as follows.

Reasons for corruption in Dash cam videos

  • Interruption during transfer of videos from dashcams to computer can cause files to be partially written and cause corruption
  • Virus infection on SD cards
  • Abruptly removing the SD card when camera is in use
  • Using a cheap quality card reader to read your SD card

Corruption in Dashcam videos may show up in different forms such as video won’t play, blurry or pixelated videos, audio or video missing and audio video sync issues. Whatever the symptom is, these Dashcam videos can be repaired using tools such as Remo Repair MOV.

Remo Repair MOV is designed to repair corrupt MOV & MP4 files. In addition to repairing unplayable videos, it can also repair all kinds of other corruption issues such as header issues, virus infected videos, audio video sync issues, and blurry playback issues.

How does Remo Repair MOV repair your dashcam file?

The software separates the corrupt MOV file into audio and video. Then issues are identified and fixed. Finally the audio and video is combined to form a healthy MOV file. This method ensures that the original MOV file is not altered or damaged in any manner.

The main advantage of this software is that it can be used to repair MOV files irrespective of where it’s stored. Whether they are on SD cards, in your system or on external hard drive, they can be repaired by the software.

Procedure to repair unplayable Dashcam videos

Repairing unplayable dashcam files using Remo Repair MOV is a fairly straight forward process. Start with downloading and installing Remo Repair MOV on your system. Then use the steps below as a reference to repair your MOV file.

  • Launch the software and select a corrupt MOV file by clicking on Browse
  • Then select a Healthy file which will be used as a guide to repair your corrupt video
  • Press Repair to begin the repair process
  • Once the repair process is complete, have a free Preview of the repaired MOV file
  • Finally Save the repaired file to a desired location

Now your MOV file will be repaired and you should be able to play it without any issues. Regarding compatibility, Remo Repair MOV is compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 10, 8, 7 and so on. If you are a Mac user, support is available through a Mac version of the software.

Precautions to avoid corruption in dashcam files

  • As a precautionary measure, regularly backup your dashcam files if you think they are important.
  • Use a good quality card reader to read your SD card
  • Never interrupt or remove the SD card when a file transfer is in progress
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