How to fix a damaged iPhone video file on your Macintosh?

Consider a scenario; you created a video on your last trip using your iPhone. But when you tried to play it, you get an error message “The video cannot be played” or “The format is unrecognized”. In this situation your heart might skip a beat. You don’t understand what you should do. Don’t worry! Keep reading. Like many other devices, corruption is inevitable in iPhones too. Damaged MOV files or other video files are not allowed to access until they are repaired. The reasons for corrupt video file can be - iPhone file system corruption as a result of improper usage like ejecting it abruptly from a system, using the camera on low battery or a serious virus infection that might have corrupted your videos, thereby making them inaccessible. In order to fix these corrupted / damaged videos, you need a professional repair tool. To increase the chances of fair repairing, immediately stop using your iPhone, so that the videos are not damaged anymore.

Remo Repair MOV

To fix a corrupt MOV file, Remo Repair MOV is an effective video repair software which facilitates the user to fix damaged MOV files on iPhones. It fixes out-of-sync MP4 videos. The tool will fix iPhone video which has video file formats like MOV & MP4 that are the common formats used in iPhones. One of the exciting features of this software is its automated repair option which divides the audio & video parts of the corrupt video file, repair them individually & rejoins them to create a playable video file.

Video files that are damaged due to any corruption scenario can be easily fixed using this tool. The utility performs the repair process in negligible time span & with very little effort, using its strong algorithms that are specifically designed for fixing videos. To perform video repairing on iPhone, connect the phone to a Mac OS that has the utility installed on it. Remo Repair MOV can be installed on all the latest version of the Mac operating system including the 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Why should you use Remo Repair MOV?

Remo Repair MOV is a safe to use utility that is virus-free & does not further damage any of the corrupted video files. It extracts the content from the damaged video file & creates a new healthy file. It has a wizard style interface that is very easy to operate even by a non-technical person. It has been offered as a trial version that can be downloaded free of cost. Evaluate the results & the tool’s performance by using the Preview option & buy the full version to save the repaired files. The tool supports iPhone versions like iPhone 4, iPhone 4S & iPhone 5.

How to Repair iPhone Video File on your Mac system?

Download & install the tool & run it. On the main screen browse for the corrupted MOV or MP4 video file from the connected iPhone & click the “Repair” button. The tool will start analyzing the corrupt video file & provides a summary report on successful repair. You will have two options on the screen “Preview Repaired File” & “Save Repaired File”. Preview the file & save it on a desired destination after purchasing the registered version. The destination should be different from the folder where the corrupted file resides.

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