How to Fix Audio Delay in a MP4 Video File?

Updated on October 13, 2020

Resolve audio delay problem in MP4 video file using Remo MOV Repair tool. Remo MOV REpair tool fixes all issues related to audio, and video Sync in MP4 & MOV video files. Download the software now and try for free!!!

MP4 videos are one of the preferred video file formats used to produce good quality videos. Despite its reliability, there can sometimes be an audio delay while playing the videos. This could be because of corruption in the file. Luckily, an MP4 audio repair tool can help you repair the file and fix the audio lag. Here are the details of the recommended tool and the instructions, that can help you fix audio delay on MP4 video

Can I Fix the MP4 audio delay issue?

Yes, you can fix the MP4 audio delay problem. Your MP4 file could have got corrupted due to the use of unreliable video editing software, bad sectors in the hard drive, or virus infection. Regardless of the corruption, you can fix this audio-video sync problem with the help of an MP4 repair tool as discussed below.

Which is the Best tool to Fix the Audio Delay issue?

Remo MP4 video repair tool is the best video repair tool when it comes to fixing the audio lag. The tool works by splitting the audio and the video tracks repair both the tracks individually and then joins them to create a healthy file. It also works on a read-only mechanism wherein the repair is done on a copy of the video, thereby making no changes to the original file.

Apart from correcting audio delay, you can also use the tool to repair choppy videos, fix video with no audio and videos that freeze while playing.

How do I Fix MP4 Audio Delay Problem?

To fix the video with delayed audio you need to download and install the Remo Video Repair tool to follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Open the application and click on Select File to browse for the corrupted MP4 video

Step 2: Next, select a healthy file to and click on Repair to fix the MP4 file with audio delay

Step 3: After completion of the repair process, click on Preview to verify the repaired MP4

Step 4: Finally, click on Save and choose a location to save the repaired MP4 video

Additional Information: If you are seeing errors while playing vidoes on internet, click on the given link to know how to video playback error while streaming.


Video corruption can happen at any time, but you can definitely avoid corruption in the future. Make sure you use a reliable tool while editing the videos to avoid corruption audio delay or any other issue. You should also make use of antivirus to prevent virus infection. However, when you have to repair the corrupted file, make use of the Remo Video Repair tool to fix videos with any audio lag or any other corruption.

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