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Outlook express Inbox file gets damaged under different conditions. Certain errors are encountered when this file gets damaged severely. "0x800C0131" is one such error which is encountered when "inbox.dbx" file size exceeds 2GB. When the size exceeds beyond 2GB the file gets broken and you won’t be able to send or receive emails. One more error "0x800C0133" is also encountered when the size of the Outlook Express Inbox file exceeds 2GB. When these errors pop up on your computer screen it is a clear indication that your Outlook Express inbox.dbx file is damaged. If you have ever come across these errors and if you are unable to send / receive mails then in such a condition you just need to make use of this Outlook Express Inbox file repair tool to fix inbox.dbx file which is extremely corrupt.

What are the possible reasons behind inbox.dbx corruption?

Your Outlook Express Inbox file will get damaged when power surges take place all of a sudden and the system gets abruptly terminated. Abrupt system shutdown is one of the most common reasons behind Microsoft OE inbox file corruption. This crucial Outlook Express data file also gets broken when the system fails due to various reasons. Suppose you are attempting to open a mail that is saved on your Outlook Express inbox folder. At this moment, if any interruption occurs such as power failure then your inbox file gets damaged within few seconds.

There are also some other reasons such as incomplete compacting operation and inbox file header damage which lead to severe corruption of inbox.dbx file. Compaction process is carried out in order to make the inbox folder size smaller. While carrying out this process if you suddenly unplug your PC or terminate your MS Outlook Express then you will certainly lose important emails. Inbox file gets corrupt when it’s header which consists of all the information about the inbox file gets damaged.

This is also one of the major reasons behind the Inbox file corruption. Most Outlook express users don’t terminate their MS Outlook express in a proper way. Some of the users don’t save the changes which they make to the inbox file. Some others terminate the application while sending emails from their Outlook Express. By committing these mistakes most users lose vital email messages. These factors or reasons result in temporary loss of Outlook Express inbox emails. With the help of this tool you can repair inbox.dbx file and get back the access to all your unreadable emails.

Certain instructions that you must follow to safeguard your essential Outlook Express Inbox file:

As mentioned earlier this file gets easily damaged when the header of it gets broken. This header gets corrupt when some malicious spyware or adware attacks it. Malicious viruses enter a system via internet. While downloading any third party application you may unknowingly invite these dreadful viruses. So it is advised to install and regularly run a robust antivirus application to keep away harmful viruses entering your Windows computer. Never terminate Outlook Express while you are using it to send important emails. This kind of mistake will surely lead to the loss of crucial e-mails. Keep deleting unwanted emails from the Inbox folder.

Salient features of this software:

  • Ability to repair damaged Outlook Express 4, 5, 5.5 and 6 inbox file
  • The best tool to mend Outlook Express inbox dbx file on Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista machines
  • An outstanding utility to repair Outlook Express inbox file damaged due to file system corruption and .dll errors

Simple steps to fix inbox.dbx file:

Download and install this tool in your system. After launching the tool you will get the main window from which you need to select the .dbx file or identity and along with that you should choose its related files. Then click on "Next" button to proceed furthur. After clicking on the next button you must choose the destination folder to store the restored emails. The scanning process will begin at the end of this step. Once the software completes scanning, all the recovered emails will be stored on the destination folder.

Click on the given link if you want to repair oversized dbx file.

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