How to Fix PowerPoint File That Is Not Responding?

Are you stuck in a situation where the important PowerPoint file that you created with hours of effort, stopped responding all of sudden? Then, here is how to repair the PPT files with a few simple steps- Select -> Repair -> Save!

“When I was creating a PPT I suddenly observed that the PPT file went blank subsequently prompting me with some options such like "Restart Program", "Close Program" and "Wait for the program to respond". When I was prompted with these options I selected "Wait for the program to respond" and waited for a very long time. I finally gave up and terminated the program. I then again tried to open my PPT file thinking that it may open normally but it couldn’t. Can anyone explain me the reason behind this problem?”

Being one of the most widely used programs Microsoft PowerPoint sometimes trouble its users at unexpected situations. And, the above-mentioned scenario is a very frequent situation where many PowerPoint users may have come across. There can be many reasons behind PPT files showing “not responding” error.

Causes for PPT File Not Responding:

  • When your computer is lagging resources due to more number of background programs such as anti-virus, scheduled programs and many more
  • When you simultaneously access a number of programs then it makes an impact on your computer performance
  • If you have installed the Microsoft Office program on a computer which does not meet the minimum hardware requirement

The above mentioned are some of the major reasons behind the PPT file "Not Responding" error. Usually, when you come across this error you terminate the PPT application. However next time when you open it, the file should open normally but due to some unexpected reasons, there can be chances of corruption to the PPT file as it was terminated abnormally. PPT file corruption can occur due to many reasons and below are some of the major reason for corruption.

Reasons for PowerPoint Presentation File Corruption:

  • Virus attack on PPT files can cause corruption of the file
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is an advanced application and if it is used improperly then this can lead to corruption of the PPT files
  • If a PPT file is accessed or opened by making use of an incompatible software, or if the extension of the PPT file is changed from one file format to other then this can result in corruption of the file
  • At times, you may be denied to access the PPT file with some errors when you try to open it. The errors like “PowerPoint can’t open the type of file represented by C:\abc\xyz.PPT”, “The Linked file was unavailable and can’t be updated”, are some of the frequent errors which are signs of PPT file corruption

If you are unable to open the PPT file then it might have probably been corrupted, but don’t get worried if your important PPT file is corrupted because it can be repaired by making use of a well-known repair tool called as Remo Repair PowerPoint.

Fix PowerPoint File Not Responding with Remo Repair PowerPoint:

This tool can quickly fix a PPT file which is corrupted due to any of the errors. It is capable to fix corrupted file such as PPT files, PPS files and PPTX files. It not just fixes or repairs the corrupted file but it is able to recover the objects embedded in the file which were lost due to corruption. Remo Repair PowerPoint provides you with highly interactive graphical user interface which can be easily understood by any computer user. The preview option facilitates you to have a look at the repaired PPT files before even purchasing the product. Utilizing this application one can feel very comfortable as it is non-destructive and free from virus. Moreover, it takes very less space on your computer hard drive to get installed. It even supports major Windows operating system such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 etc.

Steps to Fix PowerPoint File That Is Not Responding:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair PowerPoint software and click on the Browse button. Select the PowerPoint presentation file that is not responding and click the Repair button.

Step 2: After a quick scan, the software gives you an option to Preview the repaired file.

Step 3: Finally, Save the repaired PowerPoint file on your preferred location.


  • Never close your PowerPoint application abruptly or improperly
  • Have a backup of your important PowerPoint presentation files

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