How to Fix Corrupted RAR File

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Fix corrupted RAR files

RAR is an abbreviation of Roshal Archive, it is one of the popularly used archive file formats which stores files in compressed format. Various versions of RAR are available that is: RAR 1.3, RAR 1.5, RAR 2 and RAR 3. RAR files are similar to the most popular zip format, the advantage of RAR files is the quality of compression it provides, which helps to make the compressed file smaller in size.

Sometimes, the RAR file gets corrupted like any other file, hence making the files stored in that particular archive inaccessible. However, you can repair RAR files that are corrupted using Remo Repair RAR.


  • This software can fix all types of corrupted RAR files
  • Password protected RAR files can also be fixed using this software
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  • Supports repair of file sizes larger than 4 GB
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Common reasons for RAR file corruption:

CRC Error: CRC error is the primary reason behind RAR file corruption. This type of error arises while the rotating checksum of the entire RAR file doesn’t match with each other before and after unzipping.

Lack of Disk Space: When the system is running out of memory space and there is not enough disk space to perform RAR file operation, then the RAR file might get damaged showing memory error.

Download error: Any error encountered in downloading the RAR file can make it corrupt. Incomplete download can also be another reason for RAR file corruption.

Virus Attack: Virus attack can also be another cause for RAR file corruption. Some contents of the RAR file can get deleted during anti-virus scanning process. The storage device holding RAR files can also get corrupted due to Malware attack hence making the files in the RAR archive inaccessible.

Damaged Storage Device: If the storage device is physically damaged due to any reason, then the RAR files stored inside it become inaccessible or even corrupted.

Changing File extension:  Sometimes RAR files may get corrupted because of change in file name extension using third party tools. Due to this, the compressed files may become inaccessible.

Disk Error: If there is any problem with write operation in the disk then it’ll corrupt the RAR file.

Remo Repair RAR is a RAR repair tool, which can repair corrupt RAR files. Incase if you are looking to recover deleted RAR files then download either Remo Recover (Windows) (Compatible with Windows 10, and earlier versions)or Remo Recover (Mac) (Compatible with macOS High Sierra, and earlier versions).

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