How to Repair RAR file on your Windows 7 systems?

RAR file is created using a WinRAR application that has the ability to store different formats of files in a compressed manner. Once the files are compressed and stored in this application, you can access them as desired or share them via internet.

However, in some instances your RAR file might get corrupt due to some unknown reasons!! Consider a situation, where your friend has sent you a folder in the compressed RAR format, which contains important documents that are required to make an important presentation. After downloading the RAR file, when you tried extracting the documents on Windows 7 PC, an error message stating “File is corrupted and cannot be extracted” was shown. You cannot ask your friend to resend them as he has deleted the folder nor can you download it again as the mail is also deleted. The documents in that folder are very vital to create the presentation. You have no idea what to do and tension starts to creep in.There is no need to worry, just relax!! You can repair the RAR File successfully in just few mouse clicks.

Actually, what happens is sometimes, your Windows 7 system does not recognize the RAR files and error message pops up on each attempt to open and extract RAR files or archives. This difficulty usually occurs due to the corruption or damage of your RAR files. in such instances, in order to extract corrupted RAR file contents, you need to repair it. Now, you might be wondering how is it possible to fix RAR file on Windows 7? The solution is to use a powerful RAR repair like Remo Repair RAR tool, it provides easy guide to repair and open your damaged WinRAR files within minutes.

Reasons that can cause damage to RAR file

  • Compression error: While compressing several files to reduce file size using WinRAR, sometimes you might encounter error messages. This interrupts the compression process and causes damage to the RAR file and making it inaccessible.
  • CRC Error: At times, when you are compressing the RAR file or transferring it over network; some unwanted data bits might enter into the RAR files. This leads to CRC errors, which prevents you from accessing the files in it.
  • Virus infection: If your system is infected with viruses like Trojan horse or malwares etc. than even your RAR file might get infected. But, these viruses could easily damage the header content of the RAR file, which makes the file inaccessible.
  • Improper shutdown: Either while compressing or extracting your files with the WinRAR application, if the system is shut down suddenly due to power surges,evn then your RAR file will get corrupt.
  • Other Reasons: Extraction error, transmission error and file system corruption etc. might all leads to damaged RAR files.

RAR file that get damaged due to all the above reasons can be fixed easily using this most powerful and competent Remo Repair RAR tool

Remo Repair RAR Features

  • Effectively repairs corrupt multimedia files stored in RAR archive that get corrupt due to file extension error or after upgrading WinRAR versions
  • Built with powerful algorithms, the software has the capability to fix and recover even encrypted or password protected archives
  • RAR files that are compressed using solid compression techniques can be repaired successfully without any difficulties

Why use Remo Repair RAR software only?

The software has a simple interface that is self explanatory and can be used by anyone. It is a read-only tool that does not cause any changes to the original data present on the compressed file; rather it extracts the contents and creates a completely new file. After fixing corrupted WinRAR file you can view the list of all the recovered files from the corrupt repaired RAR file along with their size. A preview option is provided so that you can make sure whether file was repaired. It also provides an option to save recovered files on any internal or external drive.

If you want to repair damaged files on your PC, then just click the link provided.

Steps to Fix your Corrupt RAR file

  • Download Remo Repair RAR trail on Windows 7 PC and install it
  • Launch the application
  • A “Browse” option is provided on the main screen, just click on it to browse for the corrupted RAR file
  • Then press the “Repair” button to initiate the repair process
  • On completion of the repair process, you will be able to preview the contents of the file and then hit on “Next” tab
  • The “Select Folder” button allows you to save the fixed files on any desired location. Select the location and press “Save”

Note: The saving procedure will only work if you have purchased the full version and activated it using the key

Helpful suggestions

  • Utilize powerful anti-virus program to remove viruses that can cause corruption
  • Avoid interruptions while downloading the RAR file
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