Tool to Fix Truncated AVI Files

Follow simple 3 step procedure provided by Remo AVI Repair tool to fix truncated AVI file on both Windows and Mac OS. The tool performs all the scanning and fixing process, you just have to perform 3 clicks – Download > Browse > Save. Fix it now!!!

AVI file stops playing when it is truncated. It happens when there are any variations in the AVI file audio and video streams. There are many factors due to which AVI file audio and video data streams will get modified, such as:

  • When there is interruption while AVI files are being transferred to one device to another
  • Using some unreliable utility to get back your lost or deleted AVI file
  • Errors while recording AVI video or playing AVI video on unsupported media player

Even, corruption on camera or camcorder that records AVI file, storing AVI file in corrupted storage media, codec problems, etc., can result in truncated AVI video file. There are many manual methods to make truncated AVI file playable. But, they are not secure and even they may further modify your AVI file. Then, how to fix truncated AVI file securely?

Remo AVI Repair tool- Easy solution to repair truncated AVI file…

Remo Repair AVI tool comes with powerful algorithms which helps to join the truncated AVI file and produces a healthy playable AVI file. The tool individually fixes audio and video streams of AVI file and then adjoins them together. You can fix truncated AVI files on both Windows and Mac system without any hassle. Also, corrupted, frozen and broken AVI file will be fixed with this utility.

Method to Repair Truncated AVI Video –

Download, install and run Remo AVI Repair tool to start repairing your truncated AVI files. Next, follow below mentioned step by step guide:

  • From the main screen, choose your truncated AVI file which has to be fixed using Browse button as shown in this figure - Figure 1
  • Next, click on Repair button as shown in Figure 2 to start repairing process. The repair process is as indicated in Figure 3
  • Once the application completes repair process, check the repaired AVI file to verify using Preview option as shown in Figure 4
  • Then, select Save button to store it on the target folder

Other Beneficial Features of Remo AVI Repair tool:

  • Easy to use interface with self-explained option
  • Other file formats such as DivX and XVID can be fixed easily
  • Fixes AVI file stored on internal and external hard drive, memory card, USB drive, etc.
  • Enables round the clock technical assistance to answer your questions

Remo AVI Repair can also be used:

  • To solve audio out of sync problem
  • For fixing AVI file which refuses to open
  • To fix header corruption problem in AVI video
  • For fixing AVI file which plays audio, but there is no video

Note- In case, you want to fix damaged MOV video and MP4 file, use Remo MOV Repair tool.

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Safe and Secure
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