Repairing Truncated MP4 Video File

To repair a truncated MP4 video file on Windows and Mac, Remo Repair MOV is the optimum choice, as it comes out in Windows and Mac versions that is compatible with the latest Windows 10, and macOS High Sierra. Download the trial version here, and repair the MP4 file in few clicks. Download now!!!

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“I had downloaded one of the MP4 video related to my final year project from internet paying several dollars and with great difficulty. Somehow I found purchased it and inserted to my live project also which was working fine. Few days back, when I played same video to recheck it as my final presentation was nearing found that some part of MP4 video was not displaying. Tried many possibilities to know the reason and repair it but situation remains same. I have very less time to search and insert the video again, how can I fix it now?”

Don’t worry!!! You can still fix truncated MP4 file using any professional repairing tool in less span of time. Usually, these kinds of issues occur due to various interruptions that occur during download process. Just refer this page for further details….

Scenarios due to which MP4 file gets truncated

  • Presence of Bad Sectors - When the storage media where MP4 files are stored gets corrupted due to formation of bad sectors some part of MP4 file gets truncated i.e. you will be unable to access complete MP4 file
  • Sudden Power failure - When you are transferring or working on MP4 file, if there occurs sudden power cut in between will result in truncated MP4 file
  • Partial Download Process - Due to interruptions like low network connectivity, less memory space etc. MP4 files get downloaded partially.
  • Improper MP4 File Transfer - At the time of exchanging MP4 files from one system to other external storage device, if the  process gets interrupted due to unknown circumstances like abrupt system shut down, sudden ejection of external device etc. can lead to truncated MP4 file

Likewise, we come across plenty such scenarios like MP4 header corruption, unsupported media player, unreliable third party applications and so on. Now no need to worry about any such situations, as it is possible to fix truncated MP4 file using reliable repairing tool. Remo MOV Repair Tool is the best solution that is well suited to repair MP4 file and MOV file which is truncated in few simple steps.

Why Remo Repair MOV?

Remo Repair MOV is one of the non-destructive tool i.e. will not alter original file during scanning process. In such cases, it creates separate file for saving extracted data and then repairs it. This corrupt video repair software is designed with built in power scanning algorithms for quick fixing of MP4 files.

  • Repairs corrupted, damaged, unplayable MP4 and MOV files easily
  • Easily repairs MP4 file header that is corrupted or damaged due to nay reason
  • Provides an option called Repair that will separate audio and video and again joins them for synchronous playable video file
  • An option called Preview that allows users to view repaired files before purchasing the tool
  • Supports different video codec like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg and audio codec like sowrt, RAW, mp4a
  • Helps to repair MP4 audio video out of synchronization issue in few clicks
  • It can be installed on all latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems
  • It is completely free from all types of malware infections.

Procedure for repairing truncated MP4 File

  • First download and run Remo Repair MOV software on your system
  • Launch the software to perform further operations
  • Provide the one healthy MP4 file path and the corrupted file location which you want to fix and click on Repair button
  • After which repairing process will begin on the file you have selected
  • Progress bar visible on screen indicates level of scanning process
  • Once scanning process is completed, you can view the repaired files with the help of an option called Preview
  • At the end, store the repaired video on specific location of your system

Beneficiary tips

  • To be in safer side, maintain copy of MP4 file in any backup devices
  • Do not play MP4 videos on inappropriate media players
  • Avoid downloading MP4 files from unknown sites
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