Fix Unexpected End of Archive Error on RAR

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Software to Fix an unexpected end of Archive Error on RAR File

Just imagine a situation where in you had archived all your important files related to your project work and saved as a RAR file. As soon as you opened it in order to see the contents, it threw an error message like “Unexpected end of archive” instead of opening. Due to this, your files might are inaccessible. The files in that RAR archive were very important and you didn’t want to lose them at any cost. Under such circumstances you may think that there is no solution to overcome the problem you have got. But in reality it is not true!!

Occurrence of the RAR File error “Unexpected end of archive”, illustrates that the RAR file itself is corrupted. Now, if you want to make it work again then you have to repair it. However, you can fix unexpected end of Archive RAR error easily by using the inbuilt feature provided by WinRAR. But this manual way of fixing the RAR file might not be helpful in cases of severe corruption, it fails in many cases. In addition, there are some instances wherein the RAR file would further more get corrupted while using this default method.

However, there is no need to worry; as still there are chances for fixing your RAR archive with unexpected end of Archive error. For this you need to make use of an efficient corrupt file fixer called Remo Repair RAR tool to fix such issues. The tool is designed specifically to fix these kinds of End of the archive errors on your RAR file. It could be used on any version of your Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and other versions to fix the RAR error.

RAR file gets corrupt due to the below listed causes:

  • RAR file can easily gets damage if you change its files format to unknown or inappropriate file extension
  • When virus and other malicious threats attacks RAR archive files then that file may become inaccessible
  • If any interruption such as slow network, sudden system shutdown, etc occurs while downloading RAR file from internet will lead to CRC errors. This will alter the original structure of RAR file and results in bad CRC errors.
  • Attempting to open or access RAR file using untrustworthy unzip application which results in broken file

When you are unable to open or access its content due to its corrupt or damage then you have to stop attempting to access and that file need to be fixed as soon as possible. To overcome from this problem, the best solution is employing this robust Remo Repair RAR application. This application can easily fix corrupt, damaged or broken RAR file in a safe and secure, and keeps your files intact.

Causes for RAR file corruption

  • RAR header corrupt
  • Usage of unreliable tool for extracting or compressing the files
  • Severe virus infection
  • Application malfunction or crash
  • File system damage
  • Improper download process

Features of Remo Repair RAR

Remo Repair RAR is a brilliant tool that is equipped with many features that ensure complete and safe repair of your corrupt RAR file. Its inbuilt powerful algorithms scan your entire RAR file and fix all the errors easily. The tool incorporates read-only mechanism to fix the corrupt file so that it just extracts the data from the original file. Then creates a new file and saves the data in that; hence the tool doesn’t harm the source file or the files contained in the archive. The entire repair process requires just few minutes and a couple of mouse clicks.

  • Designed with highly intuitive GUI to ease the repair process
  • With its wizard-like interface even the novice user could use the tool easily
  • Easily and securely extracts all your vital files from the corrupt RAR file
  • Offers free preview of the repaired RAR before purchasing
  • Provides 24 / 7 free technical support

Whatever might be the file compression tool used for compressing the RAR files, Remo Repair software would easily fix the RAR file and enables you to extract the files from it easily.

Follow the below instructions to fix RAR file

Download and install the Remo Repair RAR tool on your system and run the software. A main screen asking you to choose the corrupted RAR file will appear. Now just click on the Browse button and select damaged RAR file that you want to repair. Once you click on the “Repair” option the tool will begin the repair process. Once the repair process ends, view the repaired RAR file and preview all the files recovered from the damaged RAR file. Select the location to save the repaired files and click on the “Save” button. With this, your RAR archive is fixed securely.

Tips to Remember

  • Use a reliable tool for compressing and extracting the files
  • Keep updating the anti-virus software regularly
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Safe and Secure
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