Fixing .zip File Association on Windows

Unable to open ZIP file on Windows due to file association problem? Solve the issue quickly with Remo Repair ZIP tool. It fixes the ZIP file association in just few minutes! The software repairs even broken or invalid .zip files on any Windows versions.

The method by which an operating system handles a ZIP file is determined by ZIP file association. In Windows OS, ZIP file is opened by default using Windows Explorer. You can also use other third party tools like WinZip, Bitser, WinRAR, and so on, to open ZIP files. Upon installation of these tools, they take over the default Windows Explorer program. But if you uninstall these applications, then there is no file association associated with the ZIP file. Due to this, ZIP file fails to open properly.

Some of the issues that you may come across when ZIP file association is not performed properly are –

  • The registry of the default program may get damaged
  • ZIP file header may get damaged
  • Chances of ZIP file contents getting lost

This issue can also lead to corruption of your ZIP file. There is one way to resolve the problem - to restore the default program as Windows Explorer. This can be done by – changing “Open with” properties of ZIP file, editing registry keys or by using command prompt to Run as administrator. But if any of these methods are not working out and you are still not able to open ZIP file, then you need a ZIP file repair tool.

Quick solution to fix ZIP file association on Windows?

Remo Repair ZIP is proficient tool to fix file association issue on ZIP. The software is equipped with simple algorithms which makes the repair process quick and efficient. Even a novice user can go about the repair process with ease, owing to the application’s simple interface.

Corrupt ZIP file which fails to open on any Windows version will be easily fixed by the software. The tool only reads data from the damaged ZIP file and fixes the issues without modifying the original file. After fixing corrupt file, the utility allows you to extract the list of files recovered from the corrupt ZIP archive.

Supported Windows OS versions – Remo Repair ZIP tool is compatible with all Windows versions like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, and so on

Remo Repair ZIP also comes in handy –

  • To fix large sized ZIP / ZIPX files that have become corrupt
  • To repair corrupted .zip files with CRC errors
  • For fixing invalid and broken Zip files
  • To repair spilt ZIP file
  • While fixing 32-bit or 64-bit .zip files and to extract its contents
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