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Can I Get Back Formatted Files from System?

“I formatted partition and lost all files! Can anyone help me to get them back?” This is the common issue faced by many of us after formatting the files. Even though formatting has many advantages, you need to be very careful while installing a new OS to your computer. It even helps in clearing the virus infected files from your system or any storage device, but in case if you have not taken the backup of your important files, there are huge chances of losing your vital files.

Just imagine a situation in which you want to format your C: drive. You take the backup of your C: drive data only and save it in your D: drive. After which you go for format process and when you reboot your system you find that all your data is still present on C: drive and it is not formatted at all. You get shocked and try to find out the mistake and then you realize that you have formatted your thumb drive, which contained your vital files and was connected to your system. Instead of formatting the C: drive you formatted your thumb drive. You don’t even have the backup of these files. In such situations, you will be frustrated much and lose all hopes on your files.

Well, realization is not the solution, you still have likelihoods of getting your files back. In this digital era, you need not to worry, you can easily regain your formatted files. To accomplish this task, make use of Remo Recover Pro Edition software that can perform your formatted file recovery just within few minutes on your Windows / Macintosh computer.

Functions of Remo Recover Pro Edition:

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Pro Edition works exceptionally well to perform hard drive format recovery or any other storage drive data recovery without any loss. Even if you have formatted the device several times, this tool can get back your files within few eye blinks. Whether the file is a word or spreadsheet, image or audio, PPT or video clip, no matter it can restore more than 300 types of file that were lost while formatting. The tool will recover data after quick format or full format, in an easy and secure way.

This amazing file recovery tool can be used on any storage device like hard drive, external hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives, etc. which get formatted. The software is designed with powerful algorithms that can scan the entire drive rigorously and extract each file that is missing. In addition, it not only restores the formatted files but can even recover data from hard drive, corrupt file system, crashed hard drives, reformatted drives, partitioned drives etc.

Situations when this tool comes in handy:

  1. Unintentional formatting: Sometimes, you may format a drive or partition, which was not intended to, instead of formatting some other drive for which you have backup and needed to be formatted.
  2. Re-installing the OS: Whenever you are installing or re-installing a new operating system on your drive, you have to format the drive on which you are installing. In such cases, you have to take the backup of your previously saved files else, you will lose them.
  3. Formatting due to virus infection: Virus infection to a single file may infect the other files and thus corrupting the entire file system. In some scenarios, even with the usage of powerful anti-virus programs you will not be able to remove the virus form your system. In such cases, the only way to get rid of it is to format your drive / partition. While doing this, if you forget to take the backup of the files, then you will lose your files.
  4. Formatting due to errors: There are situations in which you may encounter some error like “Drive not formatted, Do you want to Format it now” due to which you will not be allowed to access your files until you format your drive. Hence, you cannot even take the backup and will forcefully format your drive. This lands you in data loss situations.

In all the above case, you will lose your important files stored on your device. Don’t worry! As I said earlier, you can make use of Remo Recover Pro Edition to rescue your formatted files.

Why to prefer Remo Recover?

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) has metro-styled GUI which supports recovery on even the touch-enabled devices. It comes with cutting-edge features that make your file recovery from formatted drives convenient and quick. This flawless software is free from all malicious attacks like virus infection or malware attacks. It is even compatible with all popular OS versions of both Mac and Windows including latest Windows 8 and Mac Snow Leopard.

How to Retrieve Formatted Files?

  1. Download Remo Recover Pro Edition and set it up on your Windows / Mac system
  2. Run the application and choose “Recover Drives” and then go for “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery
  3. Select the drive that was formatted and need to be recovered and press "Next" tab
  4. After completion of the scanning process, you can view obtained files
  5. Preview each file and select them for saving using “Preview” option
  6. Now, save the retrieved files at any location of your choice

View this video tutorial to get more info on recovery steps:


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