Formatted Partition Data Recovery

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Have you lost your precious data while formatting the partition? Then don’t worry, just calm down as all your lost data from formatted partition can easily be recovered without any complexity by utilizing a suitable recovery tool.

A hard drive is an essential part of computer which can be logically segmented into one or more partitions. Hard drive can even have only one partition, however it is recommended to have at least two partitions on your hard drive to ensure proper organization of data. One partition can be used for operating system installation and another partition can be used for storing personal data. One of the advantages of having more than one partition is that when your operating system gets corrupted then the data residing on the other partition can still be safe, and in addition you can be benefitted by enhanced computer speed.

At times either while changing the file system or installing new OS on your partition you will have to format your partition. However, while accomplishing this, one single mistake would lead to formatting the wrong partition containing vital files in turn leading to data loss.

Situations leading to data loss due to partition format:

  • When a user performs format of partition unknowingly without back then this can lead to loss of entire data within the partition.
  • A partition when affected by severe virus will not let the user to access the data or the partition itself until it is formatted, hence the user might format the partition which results in huge data loss within the partition.
  • You may sometimes get an error when you try to access the partition; under such situations you may be left with only one option i.e. formatting the partition and hence format; This leads to loss of whole data on that partition.

The above mentioned were some of the situations where a user can lose data due to partition formatting. This sort of situations might make the user feel very distressed, but by making use of Remo Hard Disk Recovery software, you can efficiently restore entire data from formatted partition.

Characteristics of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

  • Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is designed by making use of powerful algorithms due to which it can rapidly scan the entire partition to recover the entire lost data
  • This advanced tool can easily recover lost data from a crashed hard drive
  • This popular tool can even recover files from inaccessible partition effortlessly
  • It is an advanced tool which can recover lost data like videos, music tracks, images and other 300 file types from formatted partitions
  • By utilizing this utility you can retrieve lost data from different types of hard drive like SCSI, IDE and SATA etc.
  • With the use of this well-known program you can restore formatted data from external devices like USB drive, memory card, iPods and many more
  • It can support data recovery from exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16 FAT 32 and other formatted partitions etc.
  • With the help of this application one can retrieve lost data from hard drive.with bad sectors
  • Option like “Save Recovery Session” can be very beneficial for a user in order to save time in re-scanning of lost data once again

Steps to Recover Data from Formatted Partition:

  • First of all download and install demo version of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)
  • Select "Recover Drives" followed by "Partition Recovery" option from the interface and the software will start scanning for partition
  • After scanning you will be provided with a list of all existing partitions
  • Select the formatted partition from which you want to recover your data
  • Once you click “Next” option the tool will start the scanning
  • After completion of the scanning process you can have a view on the recovered data using "File Type View" / "Data View" option
  • Utilizing "Preview" option you can have detailed view of recovered data before saving
  • "Save Recovery Session" option can help you in saving the scanned information
  • If you find the recovery to be satisfactory then you can purchase this application
  • Activate the software after purchasing it and make use "Open Recovery Session" option to load the earlier saved scanned information and continue saving your recovered data

Additional information: Utilizing this software one can easily recover partition after resize in short time. Try once...

Watch this video to know complete steps on recovery

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