Retrieve Formatted Partition

Restoring Partition after Format

Formatting partitions without backup will erase your complete data! Remo Partition Recovery software helps you in recovering all your documents, pictures and other files even after formatting FAT, NTFS and HFS Volumes in quick and secure way.

Formatting partitions help in installing operating system, re-arranging hard drive partitions, and so on. Thus it makes operations easier and enhances performance of computer. But one important thing to be considered is that formatting should be carried out carefully. For instance, while changing a file system or installing a new operating system, formatting a partition is necessary. But if you format a wrong partition by mistake, then all vital data stored on it will get erased.

You might have also experienced other situations where you try to access a partition but end up encountering error messages. Under such condition there is only option- to format the partition. Going ahead with the formatting process leads to loss of entire data from that partition. Also, if you format a partition without having backup, then don't bother thinking about restoring lost data!

Well, if you're desperately looking for a possibility to restore formatted partition, here is the solution to it-

Remo Partition Recovery Software Retrieves Partition after Format:

  • Scans entire formatted partition, looks for lost data and recover it in short time
  • Retrieves files from formatted partitions like FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX, exFAT, etc.
  • Entire data erased from formatted / reformatted partition can be easily restored in just few clicks
  • It is a read-only tool which does not modify data in the formatted partition during the recovery process
  • Also retrieve data from corrupted partitions from different storage mediums such as internal hard drives, external hard disks, USB drives, iPods, and so on
  • Allows you to compress recovered data in a zip archive in order to save disk space

Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS: Remo HDD Recovery tool is compatible with almost all versions of Windows and Mac OS. It supports their latest versions – Mac Yosemite and Windows 10.

Procedure to Restore Formatted Partition using Remo Recover:

Download and install the software on system. Run the application and select Recover Drives option from main screen. In the following screen, select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option. Select the formatted drive and hit Next tab to initiate scanning process. After scanning is completed the recovered data can be viewed using Preview option. Save the required ones on a preferred location.

Few Tips that can be followed:

  • Perform formatting operations with caution
  • Maintain a copy of important files in an external storage device so that it can be restored after data loss
  • Do not write new data after a partition is formatted because the existing data in the partition gets overwritten making recovery difficult

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