Formatted XD Card Recovery

Yesterday by mistakenly I formatted my XD card. Now I want to know is it feasible to unformat the card and retrieve lost files? The lost files include my family images, some mp3 and video files. The pictures are very important for me. Can anyone give me a suggestion to recover all the lost files?

Yes, you can easily unformat your XD card on computer by making use of best XD card recovery software like “Remo Recover”, which has been developed for this purpose only.

Most Common Reasons behind Formatting of XD Card:

  • Unintended formatting of XD card leads to loss of all files enclosed onto it. Normally, this sort of incidence takes place while trying to format some other drives you may inadvertently format the XD card that is connected with system.
  • One more common reason for formatting XD card is “Format Error” messages. The error message normally arises at the time of XD card corruption. In this circumstance the only option remains to make it accessible is formatting 
  • Many times you will format your XD card to get clear from virus intrusions
  • Abrupt ejection of XD card at the time of transferring process from device to system or vice versa results in large amount of data loss.

Remo Recover Software Unique Features:

The software has the ability to restore all types of text, audio, video, photos files formats like DOC, DNG, ORF, PNG, TIFF, AVI, MPEG, JPEG and so forth utmost ease. Apart from XD card recovery, you can also make use of this utility to recover files from unreadable SD card, SDXC, SDHC, CF memory cards without any difficulty. The tool is compatible on both Mac and Windows operating system. Remo Recover software facilitates you to perform signature search which helps in restoring files of particular file type.


  • Always have a habit to maintain backup of important files like videos, audios, photos, etc. and store them on external storage device to get it easily in case of data loss from XD card
  • On regular interval of period scan your XD card with updated antivirus software to get clear from virus intrusion
  • After unintentional formatting stop using your XD card


  • Don’t use your XD card on multiple electronic gadgets
  • Do not eject the XD card abruptly during transferring process
  • Don’t fill the card completely with data

Easy Steps to Perform XD Card Recovery:

Step1: Download Remo Photo Recovery software from the website and install it on your personal laptop or computer. Connect the XD memory card to system. Manually launch the software and select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen displayed.

Step2: When the software pops up the second screen, it provides two options “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option. Select the option based on the data loss scenario of your file.

Step3: Next, the application displays a screen with a list of drives including XD card drive. Select the XD drive and click on “Next” option. The tool scans the drive within matter of minutes and provides you with a list of restored media files. Select the file and “preview” its contents.

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the obtained result then buy the complete version to save the recovered files in preferred location.

You can even perform flash drive data recovery using Remo Recover Media Edition, if the files are not overwritten or the flash drive is not physically damaged. Act fast!! Start your recovery process now.

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