Fujitsu Hard Drive Recovery Software

Recover Fujitsu Hard Drive Data

Do not panic if you ever lose data from your Fujitsu hard drive. It is possible to carry out Fujitsu hard disk recovery, very effectively and with quite ease, if you proceed in a correct manner. First of all, you should know that you may lose data from your Fujitsu hard disk drive due to a number of reasons. Some of the most common scenarios are discussed below:

What can cause your hard drive to fail?

Formatting / Re-formatting: In some cases you may format your Fujitsu drives accidentally which results in huge loss of data. Trying to install more than one operating system on the same partition will also contribute to data loss

Partition Related:

  • Using Windows Disk Management utility and accidentally deleting partition
  • The partition table is corrupted or damaged
  • Errors while partitioning, re-partitioning the Fujitsu drives also causes loss of your vital data

System Restore: Using System Restore feature of Windows to restore your PC to an earlier restore point, or using vendor supplied system restore DVD / CD to restore to factory settings

Crash: System crash may occur due to improper shutdown or due to Blue Screen Error, thus resulting in loss of data. There are instances where your Fujitsu drives may fail or crash due to several reasons like frequent power fluctuations. Power surge may result in bad sectors on the hard drive. If the hard drive reports many bad sectors a situation of data loss may occur.

Hard Disk Errors: The BIOS display "Primary Hard Disk Failure", "Secondary Hard Disk failure", "Boot Disk Error, Insert Boot Disk press any key to continue" or any other similar error messages such as "Missing Operating System", "Operating System not found" etc.

Other Scenarios:

  • Deletion of files and folders on hard drive by any third party application.
  • Incomplete transfer of your data due to sudden system shut down or abrupt removal of the Fujitsu drives while transferring the data from or to the system makes your data inaccessible.
  • You may even lose data from hard drives after low level format or full format if there is no proper backup of data
  • Hard drives should always be turned off properly. Sudden, uncontrolled or unexpected shut down of your system may lead to data loss.
  • Virus attack, virus infection, malware.

Remo Recover

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) - Pro Edition Software is an advanced recovery utility that can be used to recover data from crashed or corrupted Fujitsu hard drive. The built-in strong algorithm of this tool scans the entire hard drive and will recover hard drive data, lost due to any data loss scenario.

What can this software do?

  • Recovers data from lost / deleted partitions, formatted / reformatted partitions and reformatted drives
  • It supports data recovery from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions; and is compatible with FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX and other file systems of Windows and Mac systems
  • This tool can identify 300 different file types in 12 different categories
  • Advanced options like “Find tool”, “File Preview” & “Save Recovery Session”
  • Retains original folder hierarchy

Note: If you continue to operate your computer / laptop when the hard drive indicates any sign of failure / data loss can lead to an irreversible loss of your valuable data.

How it works?

Download and install the software on your PC having Fujitsu hard drive. Run the application and click on “Recover Partitions / Drives”. Next select either “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” depending on the data loss scenario. Next specify the appropriate partition on your Fujitsu hard drive and select the type of the files you want to recover. You can skip this step if you wish to recover all files. The software returns a list of found files in two different views, namely, Data View and File Type View. Preview the files and you can save the recovery session for future use. Finally select the required files and save it in a destination of your choice.

Tutorial 1:- Partition recovery using Remo Recover Windows

Tutorial 2:- Formatted Recovery using Remo Recover Windows

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