G technology G-drive Slim External Hard Drive Recovery

I have lost all my data stored in G technology G-drive slim external hard drive by formatting accidentally. Is it possible to get them back safely and without damaging to data?

Do not worry! You are at a place to get all detailed information about external hard drive recovery in a simple way. When data is lost from G technology G-drive slim external hard drive, still you will be having chance to get them back by using any third party data recovery software. Chances of data recovery will reduce when other files and folders overwrite data. So, avoid using drive until and unless data recovery is done. However, data recovery from that drive is easily done by data recovery tool, which is specially designed for rescuing all types of data includes audio, video, documents, and other files etc. Moreover, it is a user-friendly tool and effective with graphical user interface, which makes easy in data recovery process.

How data is lost from G technology G-drive slim external hard drive?

It is completely a plug and play device for Mac OS X PC and laptops. Suppose when you connect this drive to your Mac PC using data cable for transferring data from drive to PC or vice-versa, due to some problem it do not recognizes by PC then user in a hurry removes USB cable out without using safe remove option and starts connecting and removing it from PC until it detects. By doing this drive become inaccessible and finally, you are unable to open and access data present in it and results in huge data loss. So, do not eject connected drive directly from PC or laptop, use safe remove option that is most preferable.

Another scenario is interrupting file transfer process. Suppose in your laptop there is no sufficient memory space to store other files and folders then may you plan to move some data to external drive by connecting it to laptop using USB cable. But when data transfer process in progressing if you made any interruption such as disconnecting cable without using safe remove option, restarting laptop etc then data is being transferring may get lost.

In Mac, Trash folder collects deleted files and folders. When you delete any data using key combination “command+delete”, deleted data will move into trash folder. Later you can restore those deleted data if you required. But, some user mistakenly delete data from external drive thinking that after deleting it will stores into trash folder. Actually, data deleted from hard drive stores into trash, not the one from other external drive; it will bypass Trash folder and get deleted permanently. Unless using any data recovery software you cannot able to get it back.

Even data may get lost due to accidentally opt for formatting option instead of choosing other options, improper conversion of file system, accidentally deleting while arranging or accessing. Al these actions result loss of data from G technology G-drive slim external drive. In order to restore those lost data safely and in a simple way, use Remo Recover (Mac) tool. It has all capabilities to restore all lost data irrespective of reasons behind that. Moreover, demo version of this tool is also available on website. You can use it for checking recovery efficiency exclusively.

What special features are included in this software?

  • It consists of effective built-in algorithms, which enable software to scan drive in deep, and locates all lost files in a couple of minutes
  • It has enough capable to identify more than 300 files types such as audio, video, office documents, notes and many more
  • Once you done recovery process, it provides Find Tool to find files in a recovered list quickly
  • It displays recovered data in a Mac finder styled interface only
  • It facilitates you to store recovered data to CD or DVD or to ay storage device
  • It also supports data recovery on memory cards, USB drives, iPod, flash cards and so on
  • It recovers files from HFS+, HSFX and FAT16 and FAT 32 formatted partitions/ volumes

Follow some precautions to avoid data loss

  • Have a habit of maintaining backups of vital data
  • Scan drive regularly with updated antivirus tool
  • Always eject your external drive in a safe remove mode only

Simple steps to recover data from G technology G-drive Slim external hard drive

Step 1: Download Remo recover (Mac) and install it on your Mac PC. After that connect G technology G-drive Slim External Hard Drive to your Mac PC to start recovery process.

Step 2: Launch the software by double clicking on the desktop short cut icon of the product and choose "Recover Volumes / Drives" option as shown below:

G technology G-drive Slim External Hard Drive recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 3: Select the external hard drive from the list and press "Next" to start the scanning process as illustrated here

G technology G-drive Slim External Hard Drive recovery - Choose Drive

Figure 2: Choose Drive

Step 4: After completion of recovery process, it lists all recovered files as shown in figure 3.

G technology G-drive Slim External Hard Drive recovery - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files


  • After recovering your files don’t save the recovered files on the same Volume from where you recovered
  • Always remove your device from the system by using “safe eject” option

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Why Choose Remo?