Has the NTFS file system of your WD Caviar Black gone corrupt? Learn how to recover the files

You can never foresee what is about to happen because life is full of uncertainty. Let’s consider this possibility: You store all your final seminar report files on WD Caviar Black hard drive. One day, while working on your system, it automatically shuts down. You restart the system and click on the drive where you stored your important files. The drive simply refuses to open. Due to some reason, the NTFS file system of your partition must have gone corrupt. Nothing is more important to you at that instant other than those seminar report files. The million dollar question that will keep playing in your mind is will you get your files back? There indeed is a remedy in hand.  Data recovery software can help you retrieve your important files. Remo Recover is one such application which can help you recover your files from corrupted WD Caviar Black hard drive.

People have chosen the WD Caviar black for its great performance and high speed. It optimizes power consumption, operates with minimal vibration and is built to cause less wear to the recording head. This external hard drive provides fast data transfer rate of 106 MB per second. It is available in the market with storage capacity ranging from 500GB to 1 TB. It is because of all these features that this is the best customer class hard drive available in the market today.

You can recover files from your corrupted file system of your partition by using partition recovery software. Remo Recover (Windows) Pro Edition supports file recovery from corrupted NTFS file system as well as FAT file system. It retrieves all types of files efficiently as it has strong inbuilt scanning algorithm, which scans entire WD Caviar Black hard drive to find lost files from your corrupted file system and finally it restores complete data. It is attractive in almost all cases of data loss, like accidental formatting of partition, file system corruption, hard disk drive damage, power failure, etc. You can see the recovered data using “Preview” option, before storing them in different location or storage media. So you can download a trial version of the software from the Remo Website to get a complete idea about the recovery process. When fully satisfied with this application, you can purchase the full version.


Why Choose Remo?