Data Recovery from Formatted Hard Drive

Resolution to recover files from formatted hard drive

In computing world, most users go for formatting their storage devices due to several reasons such as when hard disk is severely attacked by virus and malware threats and changing file format, etc. In some perspective view, formatting process helps user meanwhile makes to lose their valuable data. In fact, when you format the hard disk files stored on it will not vanish permanently, instead they gets hidden in it. However, those files cannot be accessed directly from user hence you should get assistance from third party application such as Remo Recover that can easily perform file recovery from formatted hard disk. Before knowing more about this application, let us know about why user prefers format option.

Possible reasons behind formatting hard drive

  • Formatting a hard drive having intension of changing existing file system without backup of files leads to huge file loss
  • User prefers formatting a hard drive when it is severely attacked by virus and other malicious program. In addition, user will go for format option when drives are inaccessible or corrupt.
  • Also user opt for formatting a hard drive when system is slow, to extend more number of drives to manage data, and file system is severely corrupt.

Apart from above scenarios users sometimes format a hard drive accidentally while performing other actions on system will also leads to file loss. When you end up with valuable file loss from formatting hard drive then you have to stop using that system if you wish to recover disk data else you will lose those files permanently. Next, employ the Remo Recover application that will scan your system in deep and locate all recoverable files using its effective algorithms. It can even find lost picture files and give them back to the user. Moreover, this program does not damage your data while performing recovery process.

Have a look on following precautions that helps you to avoid file loss

  • Regularly take backup of valuable files before losing them
  • Attempt for recovery of hard disk bad sectors
  • Use trustworthy hard disk storage devices
  • Manage more number of drives in hard disk

Insatll Remo Software for Restoring Files from Formatted Hard Drive?

Initially download Remo Recover and install on your machine successfully. Start the recovery process by initiating the application and choose Recover Partitions / Drives option from main screen. Next choose Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option and follow on screen instructions. Once application completes scanning of hard drive, which allows you to preview all recoverable files in File Type View and Data View format. In case you have lost file type is not showing then you can file type dynamically which you wish to recover. Later, recovery process completes application allows you to preview those restored files. However, to save those files you have to activate  the application and even you can compress the files when you don’t have enough storage space to store.

Remo Recover Software has capable to restore all types of files from formatted hard disk in a precise time. It can be your videos, word documents, excel sheets, pdfs etc. Moreover, the tool can even get back your missing Outlook PST files from formatted HDD in just simple steps. On a whole it is capable of recoveirng more than 300+ types of files in just a short span of time. It offers even "Select File Type" option, that lets you select and recover only those types of files that are required and ignore the rest. Thus, minimizing the scanning time.

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